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  • Roses around the door; the quintessential gardening look. You have set your heart on it, or at the very least on having some roses in your garden. What do you need to know? Where are the heffalump traps? Where do roses like to grow - or not? Read on to discover all you (should) need to know on th...
  • Rose Black Spot (Diplocarpon Rosae) is the most widespread and serious fungal disease affecting members of the rose family. Black Spot attacks the leaves and a bad case can defoliate a rose bush completely. This loss of leaf reduces the vigour of the rose and can ultimately kill it. Black Spot sp...
  • How to Prune Rose Plants How you prune your roses and trim them to keep them in shape determines how well they flower and how healthy they stay. The purpose of pruning is to increase the number of flowers that the plant produces and to produce a good, rounded, balanced plant. It is not difficult...
  • MARCH IN YOUR GARDEN  Hedging  Hopefully you have mulched well around your newly planted - and even established - hedge plants but if you have not, weeds start to emerge this month and next stealing food and water just when young hedge plants need them most. It is easiest to get rid...

4 Item(s)

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