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Non Drop Christmas Trees for Sale Online

We only sell super Premium non-drop Christmas Trees online. These are hand selected by us in August each year for evenness of growth and bushiness and so they are simply the best trees you can buy. What is more, we deliver them to your door - all of which makes buying your Christmas tree easy and stress-free.

No lugging, no taxi fares, no congestion charge. Just a perfect Christmas tree delivered where you want and when you want. So order now and choose your Christmas tree size.

Nordman firs which come from some of the most inhospitable places on earth have evolved to survive and prosper there. One of their tricks is to hang on to their leaves - something you can see for yourself. When your tree arrives, carefully pull a leaf/needle off - it is OK, ours have so many that no one will notice.

You will see that the base of the leaf looks like a ball. Which is exactly what it is - the ball as in ball and socket joint. This allows the leaves on the tree to literally swivel around when the wind blows so they present less resistance and so stay put. The socket (which is in the branch wraps around the ball and so stops it falling out, even when it is dry. Even In its natural habitat, a Nordmann fir can hold onto a leaf for up to 25 years.... while in your snug, cosy and very drying centrally heated home hanging on for a mere few weeks is child's play.

Merry Christmas.

  •    Premium Quality Non-drop trees
  •    UK Grown Nordman Firs
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Why Non-Drop?

Here are a few reasons to choose a non-drop Christmas tree:

  • Very little mess and no clogged vacuum cleaners
  • Beautifully scented foliage
  • Leaves are not sharp and prickly - ideal with small children
  • UK grown, so pretty much carbon neutral


How to look after your Christmas tree

Non-drop Christmas trees are so-called for a pretty obvious reason. Unlike the "traditional" Norway spruce which sheds at the first sign of a radiator, a well kept non-drop Nordman fir should retain its needles for at least four to six weeks. The secret lies in the way they are attached to the branches. At the base of each needle, there is the "ball" part of a "ball and socket" joint. The socket, that grips the ball, is on the branch. In nature, this allows the leaves to swivel so they present less resistance to the fierce winds of the Caucasian Mountains from where they originate. As long as the tree does not desiccate, the ball and socket will serve its purpose up to the 12th day of Christmas.

But a little help is always appreciated. On arrival, if you can, cut 2-5 cms (1-2") off the bottom of your tree. If you have a stand with a well that holds water, then put the tree up in that and make sure the newly cut base is under water. Keeping that topped up through Christmas is the best thing you can do. If your stand does not hold water, then at least stand the tree in a bucket of water somewhere cool for 24-36 hours before putting it up.

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