Eustacia Vye® Roses

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Misc Wildlife Value
Shade Partial Shade
Area Frost Pockets, Scotland & The North
Colour Pink - Light
Type David Austin
Also Good Fragrant, Repeat Flowering
Flowering Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov

Eustacia Vye Rose (Ausegdon)
Rosa Eustacia Vye (Ausegdon)

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Eustacia Vye (Ausegdon) Rose

Eustacia Vye is a shrub rose introduced at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2019 by David Austin, and it's going down a storm. Hardly surprising, perhaps, as it's a rose you can fall in love with at first glance, with its pretty salmon to apricot pink flowers, which open to shallow cups, then mature to gloriously ruffled, deeply scented blooms, the petals gradually fading over time. The effect is of a shrub awash with subtly different shades of pink, from bud to full flower, from June right through until October or even later. The scent, on a warm day particularly, is deeply fruity, with fresh, clean notes of citrus combined with the richness of ripe guava. It's a gorgeous scented addition to our range of shrub roses. The new shoots are worth a mention, too, being a lovely burnished brick red, which tones beautifully with the pink buds and blooms.

A novel character

Eustacia Vye is a strong, vigorous shrub, so a reliable performer, even in trickier, more windswept borders. She will do well in a pot, too, as long as you keep her watered and mulch with compost or manure in spring. Alternatively grow in a dedicated rose border, planting several in an informal group for a glorious show and fabulous scent all summer long – she'll need a fair amount of sun, but will be fine in semi-shade as well as full sun. Use Eustacia Vye to line a path and you'll have a scented walkway to rival any other. All shrub roses look great underplanted with perennial geraniums (choose blue ones for Eustacia Vye), or alongside lavender. Eustacia Vye's pretty pink flowers are the perfect partner to either purple or pink varieties. Pair with a deep claret scented shrub rose such as Darcy Bussell for a colour combination that is pure poetry.

Features of Eustacia Vye

  • Height: to 1.2m
  • Spread: to around 90cm
  • Colour: pale pink to apricot
  • Shape of flower: shallow cups opening to rosettes
  • Size of flower: medium-large
  • Scent: strong and fruity
  • Flowering: repeat through summer and beyond
  • Group: shrub rose
  • David Austin rose

A beauty who stands out from the crowd

Named after the flawed heroine of Thomas Hardy’s, The Return of the Native, Eustacia Vye is beautiful and exotic, sleepy, dreamy, yet always set slightly apart from her more humdrum neighbours. We think it's the perfect description of this fascinatingly and gorgeous rose.

Planting times for barerrot plant is November to April
Bareroot and potted - what' s the difference?

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