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Cider Apples as Gifts

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Misc Culinary, Edible Fruit / Nuts, Spur Fruiting, Wildlife Value
Soil Poor/Dry
Type Cider / Perry

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Cider apple trees make a great present to anyone with bit of garden. Cider is once again a popular, refreshing summertime drink and the best ciders all need at least some juice from one of the well known cider varieties such as Kingston Black, Yarlington Mill, Foxwhelp, Frederick and so on. These specialist trees produce virtually inedible fruit, but when it is juiced it contains the high tannin levels needed in all the best ciders and a small quantity of juice from, say, a Brown's apple can transform the rather insipid cider made from plentiful Bramleys into a thing of wonder.

This page is for those who are not entirely sure what they want. Choose from Bittersharp (dry), Medium or Sweet (very sweet indeed) cider apple trees here to give the man in your life a treat that will last at least as long as he will and give him pleasure year after year. We will choose a variety that will suit based on the flavour you select and the delivery postcode you give us. If you have a special request, just put it in the comments box as you go through checkout and we will do our best to supply what you need.

All our cider apples are grown on MM106 rootstocks which makes them suitable for average gardens, means that they are easy to pick and at the same time able to produce a full crop of over 100 kgs when fully grown. For ease of planting they are pot grown, they are are 2-3 years old and although they should not be allowed to fruit this year, they have all already flowered. They are four to five feet tall and have been pruned to form a well shaped tree. They just need planting and watering.

If you would like to buy a named variety,then just go to our apple trees page and click on the Cider filter at the top of the left hand column.

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