Blue is the colour

The best planting time for lavender is from the end of April through to the end of June. Which is all very well, but if you want english lavender - Hidcote or Munstead for delivery in that timeframe then it is a good idea to order soon. We sell one year plants in 9cm pots which are perfect for window boxes. Our 2 year old plants in 1.5 litre pots "join up" by midsummer if planted at 3 per metre. And for specimens we have 3 year plants in 3 litre pots. Not little plugs that fail if conditions are not perfect.


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This is not an April Fool's Joke

April is a great time to plant deciduous hedges (too late for evergreens though). We have bareroot hedging happily tucked up in our temperature and humidity controlled cold-store. Because planting dormant hedging into soil that is beginning to warm as the sun climbs higher is a perfect recipe for successful and rapid establishment. In fact for beech hedging this is one of the best times of all to plant. They love April conditions and grow away really well.


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Climbers for every wall, fence, trellis...

We always recommend planting climbers from April onwards. You can see what they will climb on, they have not put on too much growth yet, and the gales of winter should have passed so they don't get blown about while establishing themselves. Our plants are all in well-sized pots with good root systems so (except for the Montanas which will flower next spring) the clematis will give you flowers this summer as will the honeysuckles, the wisteria and the jasmine. Climbing hydrangeas will take a bit longer to settle in and flower (but they are lovely plants). And use ivy in that dark corner where nothing else grows....


Climbers to hang on to

Jobs for April

Deadhead the daffs, plant out the glads, cut back cotinus, prune the forsythia...and don't forget to mow the lawn. Is there more? Brace yourself, go and grab a cuppa and click through to see what jobs really can't be neglected before you sink into that Radox bath.


Click here to view the full list.

Keep planting... and watering

Paul's a bit worried this month. We keep on about this, but April is the month when plants really ACCELERATE into growth. To do that (apart from careful planting) they need three things. Light, heat and water. The more the first two happen (blue skies, sun shining) the less water falls from heaven. So please don't just plant, water well and then...go away. Water your plants well during dry weeks and do it slowly, so that the water penetrates well around the roots, rather than running off in all directions. That way your new plants will live, thrive and reward you with the miracle that is an English summer garden.


Click here for additional watering advice.

Herbs Galore 

This year, Scarborough Fair happens in May. Most appropriate. So while you hum Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme to yourself, let your creative juices get to work on the herbs you will want to plant in early May (they are best left until then to miss frosts that kill young seedlings). We have a well chosen range of herbs fit for anywhere from herb pot, to window box to full blown kitchen garden. Order our herb plugs now for delivery at the end of this month (or during May or June) if you prefer.


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