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Good stuff for your garden for August...

Time to Order your Bulbs

It hit 30C here yesterday which is hardly the weather to be dreaming about planting bulbs to flower next spring. However, much as we hate to spoil your summer reverie, you really do need to think about ordering them.

Growers always complain, but from a production perspective, this really has been the worst summer in living memory and almost everything will be in short supply this Autumn; especially things that need extra moisture to bulk up - such as bulbs. If you don't order soon, you will be disappointed when the time comes for them to be delivered.

So take a look at our range, order what you think you will need and cross your fingers that we will have enough when the rain comes and we get ready to deliver from September onwards. (We never take money from your card before we pack your order, so you have nothing to lose).

Offers - 25% Off

This is also special offer season. We are planning to pot up a variety of plants around now and are only too happy to sell some in their old pots at a discount of 25% off with the code SAVE25

They represent really good value for money but whether you plant them now or keep them until the ground is a bit softer, they will need watering.

Please try NOT put anything that is not on special offer on the same order as we will not be able to deliver everything at once and a second delivery charge will apply. 

The three plants listed below are all on sale at 25% off.

Lavender Offer

Any lavender we still have is now on sale at 25% off. This is very much first come first served as we only have a few plants left. They are super plants but will have been deadheaded and cut back. You may well see some more flowers but that is not a promise. However, they will establish this summer and put on a great show next year. Don't forget to use the code SAVE25 in the basket.

Viburnum Offer

THESE ARE GREAT PLANTS. They look their best at present, full of bud with a few flowers beginning to show. Planted now Viburnum tinus Eve Price will bloom intermittently right through the winter - which makes them great for low hedges, in evergreen plantings and as container plants. They always flower for us at Christmas...

They are right at the top of (or over) their graded height of 40/60 cms and are a terrific bargain. Don't forget to use the code SAVE25 in the basket. Again - we only have a few available.

Holly Offer

Alaska Holly has a couple of characteristics that just might resonate. The first is that, like all hollies, once it is established it is just about bomb-proof. That includes drought proof by the way. Just take a look at the hollies near you.

The second interesting thing about Alaska is that they are all female. Which means every Alaska holly carries berries. They do it from a young age as well. Most of this batch will be in berry for Christmas 2019. A few will carry one or two berries this year. 

Don't forget to use the code SAVE25 in the basket. Stock is limited...

Julian's Top Tip - Deadhead

Most plants flower to produce seed. So, when you dead-head a plant by removing its spent flowers you make it flower more. In the case of something like a sweet pea constant picking and dead-heading before seed forms results in a flowering period of several months.

If a plant does not re-flower, deadheading saves it the effort of making seed so it grows better.

Don't deadhead plants with ornamental seedheads like alliums.

Cosmos - Save the Day

Hopefully, you have all enjoyed your gardens in the best summer we have had in 40 years. One of the joys in ours has been the amazingly free-flowering display from our Cosmos. 

A measly couple of square metres of Cosmos produced an endless supply of white, pink and red flowers that last for days when cut. They have filled our house for four months and allowed us to take armfuls to friends and family almost at will.

Next spring we will be selling Cosmos seedlings so this is just a suggestion for you to put them in your plan for 2019. We will, of course, remind you nearer the time!


... and you thought this was a newsletter without a watering reminder? Not a chance - please keep watering your plants.

Now - on to weeding. At any time, but especially when it is so dry, plants compete for water. Weeds (including grass) are very good at this it so they should be kept away from your precious, newly planted charges.

The picture shows what happens if they are not. The expensively planted hedge (unweeded and smothered) is dead. 

August jobs

Like July, August is one of those relatively lazy months. Roses are flowering again and fruit is ripening. If you have a vegetable garden you should be harvesting your socks off. Nevertheless, a gardener's work is never done, so for the keen green-fingered amongst you, here is a list of jobs for August.

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