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Christmas trees - last chance!

It is the last chance saloon for those in denial about the imminent onset of Christmas. To save on traipsing around, children in tow and ice on the road, the answer to "Where do we get a lovely, non-drop-needle, symmetrical Christmas tree?", is "Right here!"...

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David Austin Roses

Here at Ashridge we have recognised that people are still beguiled by the English Rose and want them for their gardens. David Austin's unique way of harnessing all of the fragility, fragrance and romance of the traditional English rose together with the longevity, superhero-immune system and Duracell Bunny flowering capacity of modern hybrid roses makes his creations irresistible...

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Baying at the moon...

Imagine bay pyramids standing sentinel in herb gardens now bereft of their basil, parsley , chives and chervil, or a lollipop of bay either side of French windows on to the terrace. Underplant these with heather at this time of year or primroses in spring... 

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Looking good now and for all four seasons. Really?

If you want a wisp of spring to hang onto at this time of year then invest in a winter flowering cherry tree. A slip of a thing, this tree is slender and slightly twiggy. Although it can grow up to 7 metres it rarely does and so is suitable for all but the tiniest garden...

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Cotton on to Cotoneasters

Another plant that sings for its supper and is also looking good at this time of year are the Cotoneasters. They are a varied bunch, some growing as ground cover, some growing into standard trees but all of them are members of the rose family, all are tough, hardy and ascetic (unfazed by any soil type, drought or shade once established)...

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December deadlines

We put wrapping up presents pretty far down the list of essential things to do in December, or at least in daylight hours. It is far more important to keep staggering into the garden and the December focus might well be on fruit trees, and by this we mean fruits without stones and so that mainly means pears and apples...

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