In like a Lion???...

Usually March, I know, but this month began with some real frosts.

Marvellous! Cold weather helps plants go into dormancy as well as killing many pests and diseases that like mild winters. So let the winter do its work while you keep the "good guys" in the best shape you can. Keep water in the birdbath, a bucket in the pond, seed in the feeder and a pile of "stuff" for those friends of ours who think hibernation is cool.

You will find your reward in Spring...

Christmas Trees

No need to actually say it, but... our Christmas Trees are the best around and you can still order one. Our Nordmann Firs hang onto their needles for ages, are beautifully shaped and come in a wide range of sizes. Judging by the messages we get every year they never disappoint. So just choose the size you want and use the message box - in checkout - to tell us when you want it - and the price includes delivery.

Bay Trees don't drop their Leaves either...

Which makes then a perfect Xmas gift. They look good all year round, they are a delight for any kitchen lover, they are tough as old boots and they can even carry a string of lights. We have beautiful bay trees in a range of sizes in stock right now just in case you are looking for inspiration (BTW a pair if perfect either side of a door)... 

Five for your Stocking

Dogwoods are colourful all winter - choose from reds, yellow, purples and oranges. The Holly and the Ivy are berried, with beautiful foliage while for a ray of sunshine in the gloom - try Winter Jasmine. And the Autumn Flowering Cherry will make you think this is spring. Its delicate blossom on bare branches all winter come in pale pink or white colourways while Silver Birch looks magical in winter - especially if you sponge the bark with luke-warm water and a little washing up liquid...

Winter Wash

While on the subject of washing, December through to February are the months to crack on with the
more necessary Vitax Winter Wash, an organic way to zap the eggs of a range of pests with hungry larvae. Follow the instructions to ensures that next spring the tender young shoots and fruits of your fruit and ornamental trees along with your soft fruit bushes will remain undisturbed by voracious caterpillars. Organic, but only apply once the leaves have fallen.


The present that's always perfect

Our gift certificates make the best gifts if you are Not. Quite. Sure.  Remind people you care for - long after they've spent it. We'll either send them to you or write them out beautifully and post them on your behalf.  

December jobs...again

The end of the year. Again. In December, let's face it, most of the gardening is done between Boxing Day and New Year.

However, if the mood takes you, here is a list of do's (and don'ts) you might like to cast your eye over before the turkey comes home to roost. (Mine tends to be around the waist...)

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Many thanks for your custom and support in 2017.

All of us here at Ashridge Nurseries wish you the merriest Christmas possible and a happy and fruitful New Year.
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