Andy - Head Nurseryman

June’s been a hectic month here, with Andy, our heroic Head Nurseryman, becoming positively nocturnal and working round the clock to ensure cosmos, lavender, herbs and
climbers are all at their best.
Dahlia - Dark Spirit
Dahlias; our darling potted beauties are ready for planting out from now on as they will be in flower from mid-July until the first frosts. These daring, flashy, showstoppers are the divas of the flower world; spurned for years, they’re now right up there in terms of style and popularity. No longer confined to the granny’s bathing cap forms of bygone years, there’s a huge range to play with, so why not take a peek at the varieties that are in stock.
These flowers are such fun; the combinations are endless and the impact sensational.
Fruit trees
The ‘June drop’ is not a gardening disaster, despite appearances to the contrary! Many healthy fruit trees shed fruit in June and early July to perfect the harvest and ensure only the strongest fruits survive to carry the seeds of the next generation.
Apple Tree
However, following on from this natural self-cull, it may still be necessary to thin even more after the June drop. This will further improve the quality of your crop; plants need lots of nutrients, water and energy to bear fruit, and it is a far, far better thing (oh no – Tale of Two Cities again) to have a smaller crop of fabulous fruit than a mass of puny weaklings. Also, please remember that, in year one, you should be patient and remove all fruitlets to encourage root growth and tree development. 
Watering Tomato Plant
After the scorching temperatures of late June, watering is top of the agenda should the weather remain hot and dry. As I write, there is, of course, a deluge in progress and more apparently in store. So, as ever, it’s a common-sense thing! Greenhouse tomatoes need regular watering whatever is happening outside. Feast and famine on the watering front leads to blossom end rot and fruit split indoors and out. Both are such sad ways for a crop to be ruined. Heartbreaking and so easily avoided.
Gardening Jobs for July
Research (aka snooping at other people’s gardens and planting schemes!) or looking online or in the media for inspiration. Plan ahead and order early for autumn planting.
  • Weed, feed and mulch. Same old, same old, but it’s vital to stay ahead of the  game.
  • Deadhead roses to keep them flowering.
  • Pick sweet peas every day and remember they’re greedy, thirsty creatures. Feed with Tomorite weekly and make sure they’re well watered.
  • Tie in tall dahlia shoots, feed with liquid feed and again, keep well watered.
  • Cut back geraniums and delphiniums for another flush of flowers.
  • Lift and divide bulbs.
  • Prune trained apples, pears and wisteria.
  • Cut back hedges (please check for nesting birds first).
  • Net fruit trees and bushes – the sharing thing isn’t fun in this instance!
  • Deal with pests such as lily beetles, snails, slugs, aphids and vine weevils.
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Planting Combinations for June

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We deliver more than 2,500 varieties of plants direct to your door – garden and fruit trees, bulbs, climbers, roses, lavender, soft fruit, flowers, herbs and accessories. Have a look online and leave the rest to us – we look forward to hearing from you, and in the meantime enjoy your garden and (hopefully!) some lovely weather.  
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