Good stuff for your garden for June...


Wisteria is usually a sight for May, but like spring it too is unseasonably late. As you can see ours are only just coming out now.

Despite that, early summer is still the best time to plant Wisteria (and not bad for Clematis montana either). This is because both make tremendous growth through the summer, starting to build the framework needed to carry the mass of blossom that in later years will cause passers-by to stop and stare... Plant in June or July and keep them well watered.

Julian's Top Tip -

The single thing you can do that will have more effect on how your garden flowers this summer than anything else is deadheading. This goes as much for roses as it does for sweet peas and cosmos. Prevent a plant setting seed and nature will make it try again. Do this early - as flowers are beginning to fade - and you will get more and better replacement blooms sooner.

This need not be a chore - cutting flowers for the house also counts...

Lavender Planting Time

May finally did its job and - while we were sweltering - the soil warmed up very nicely indeed, thank you. If you noticed the sudden spurt of growth in your garden in the last week or so - it was almost entirely due to warmer roots.

These are the conditions all lavenders adore, and although stock is running a bit low for a couple of varieties, any that you plant now will romp away and be flowering fit to bust before the end of June. So, if you have not ordered your lavender yet...


This is the usual nudge and - of course - it comes just as rain arrives in the UK.

However, be warned - we will need a LOT of rain to get moisture levels in the soil even a few inches down back to normal.

Just in case that does not happen, and looking at the forecast it probably won't, remember that newly planted trees and shrubs find it harder to access moisture in the soil than when they are established and so they will need a helping hand.

Final nag - when you water - do it properly. A lot of water at long intervals is very much better than little and often.

Spring Flowering Bulbs

We can't deliver your daffs and tulips just yet because you can only plant them from the end of August onwards.

However, if you like getting your bulbs in early or if you are interested in some of the more unusual tulips and alliums for example, then it pays to order them in the next month.

And... did you follow our suggestion in February and March and mark those bare patches in your borders and along your hedges? You did? Excellent - then you can order now and plant them up this autumn with a display of bulbs to excite the senses during a predictably grey and gloomy spring in 2019... 

The last Cosmos...

We did a "friends and family" trial of Cosmos seedlings which went so well, that we sowed a second batch. Most are already spoken for (we will have lots more next spring) but there are a few left which we sell as plugs in packs of 5. Planted out now they will be in flower by the end of June and then keep going into November barring an early frost.

Cosmos produce a staggering number of flowers that can also be cut and brought indoors. So take a quick peek at our range which is going very fast indeed. 

June jobs

It is very tempting to say that being in the garden in June is a delight and everything that needs to be done is self-evident. In the main that is true, but just in case you need a bit of an aide memoire, here is a list of a few of those "obvious" jobs that just might slip your mind...

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