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Trees - top garden trend from Chelsea
Well hurray for Chelsea Flower Show; heritage and horticulture in one fragrant dollop with all those pensioners in their fabulous scarlet, flotillas of floaty frocks and men sporting straw hats adorned with floppy floral coronets.
We’re thrilled the Savills and David Harber Garden by Chelsea first-timer, Andrew Duff, won bronze. His lovely garden showcased the environmental benefits and splendour of trees and all things green in urban spaces. We love trees for their natural beauty, sense of permanence and ability to relax our minds - their glory and necessity is indisputable, so we’re also delighted the government has committed to planting 130,000 trees in urban areas to bolster our health, well-being and the fight against climate change.  

For a disproportionately massive impact given their tiny footprint, climbers are pretty hard to beat. Cosmetic gardening at its best, climbers can transform areas of your garden into things of beauty. So clothe your hut in cascading clematis, your walls in wonderful wisteria, your shed in a vine and so on…! Our range includes a huge variety of clematis, honeysuckle, hydrangeas, ivy, jasmine, vines and wisteria – plant them now for a remarkably quick and effective garden makeover.

Summer flowers need cutting, plucking and deadheading
No-one said beauty was easy, and the mantra of deadheading continues. Summer flowers need cutting, plucking and deadheading – beheading your sweet peas, cosmos and roses will pay dividends in spades, not only for aesthetic reasons but also to ensure longer flowering seasons. Having sweet peas in a vase in your kitchen is one of the summer's rituals, ensuring colour and scent in your home.
Planting soft fruit... 
Our soft fruit can be planted year round, so why not put in a host of gorgeous gooseberries and beautiful blackberries for home-grown crops of fruity deliciousness? We particularly like Xenia gooseberries for their incredible sweetness (they're edible straight from the bush) and lack of thorns. Much kinder for the waistline and the fingers too!

Planting lavender... 
Our nursery-grown lavender is in bud and guaranteed to flower this summer. The quintessential British garden plant, it’s tolerant of dry conditions and poor soil, loves a sunny spot and is a magnet for our poor beleaguered bees and other pollinators. We love white Alba lavender for an unusual take on an old favourite; its tall, fragrant white spikes and silvery leaves are stunning in combination with roses or heavenly as a low hedge.
Xenia Gooseberries
Alba Lavender
June is humming with irresistible gardening events
Visit Chatsworth Flower Show (5th to 9th June) for a delightful mix of gardening inspiration and spectacular summer colour while Blenheim Palace Flower Show (21st to 23rd June) is a celebration of lifestyle and the great outdoors.
Blenheim Palace Flower Show
There are also Plant Hunters and Rare Plant fairs around the whole of the country from Shropshire, Monmouthshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire to Thirsk and many more besides.
With summer proper hoving into view, rumours are swirling of a heatwave in store. The moral of the tale is that June temperatures make for thirsty plants and trees. The newly planted are super vulnerable (especially after such a dry spring). Without proper, regular watering they’re prone to simply turning up their toes and dying whilst the well-established will also suffer and at the very least be more likely to succumb to stress factors such as insect infestations and disease.
So ready the watering cans, water butts and hoses, pumps to decant bath water (achingly eco and very satisfying) and automatic watering systems to keep your garden in tip top condition and help save the planet in the process. Watering is shortly to become the nation’s new (un!)favourite hobby, particularly in rain shadow areas of the country…
Jobs for June
Weed, feed, water and mulch. Repeat!
Weeds steal much needed water from your legit garden plants, so fighting the good fight not only makes things more attractive but helps your plants too. Mulching also keeps water in and weeds out - especially important for trees planted in the last nine months. For more horti prep to fill those warm days and long summer evenings, click here
Perfect plants for pollinators
There’s nothing quite like the lazy thrum of bees on a sunny day. Dipping in and out of the tubular echo chambers of a foxglove flower, settling on fragrant spikes of lavender or buzzing heavily skywards, pollen sacs laden with golden dust... 

Click here to read more. 
Hadspen House Gardens - Now the Newt in Somerset
The Ashridge Nurseries team was honoured to be invited to the pre-launch opening of The Newt in Somerset. In short, The Newt is a stunning recreation of Hadspen House gardens and estate. The family seat of the Hobhouse family for two centuries...

Click here to read more.
Sharing is caring
We used to have a huge sycamore at the bottom of our garden. It shaded the sunniest part of our long, narrow plot and throughout the year it covered the patio first in honeydew, then resulted in a spectacular carpeting of ... 

Click here to read more.
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Sweet Peas
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