Spring is on its way - time to roll up those sleeves and get your hands dirty

Well – what an end to February! A few sunny days and a surprising rugby result (the daffodil is a reminder that it's St David's day) to bid farewell to winter and now with daffs daffing and crocuses croaking (or whatever they do) all over the place, we’re skipping around like toddlers (metaphorically speaking) hoping that spring has properly sprung…
Anniversary Sweet Peas

Sweet peas – yes really!
Our autumn-sown, root-trainer grown sweet pea seedlings have spent the winter getting established to ensure they’re made of stern stuff. Truly best of British, they’re not only hardy, but flower earlier than spring-sown plants.
Mutucana Sweet Peas
Deliveries start this month so plan your fabulous sweet pea display in good time – we love rustic arches and wigwams made of hazel, but you can grow them up almost anything – old tennis nets well-anchored and strung vertically are great!

And if you order them this year for the first time, we will send you the same plants again next spring, completely free. No catch. 

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If you didn’t cut your native hedging back hard when you planted it this winter, now’s the time to marshal your murderous instincts and go brutal. Be cruel to be kind – if hedges could talk they’d thank you for it!

Planting – the days are lengthening, the soil is warming, there’s a resolute smattering of blue sky and still plenty of moisture in the earth to kick start even large things like standard trees or bushy yew hedging for a timelessly fashionable setting to your garden.
Our cold store is constantly between 1ᴼ and 2ᴼ which keeps bare-rooted plants sleepy but still raring to go – ideal for planting now and into April. Later than that and you’ll have missed the boat until autumn.

Fruit trees, garden trees, shrubs and roses are top of the agenda, as are clematis – planted now they should flower this summer (apart from early birds like montana). It’s also a great time to plant soft fruits such as strawberries.
Early preparation and getting on top of them is the key to success against the gardeners' twin foes. Slugs are ready to rock and roll and they love tender young shoots. You have been warned! 

Weeds are also on the up…get them before they take over your world.
We love lavender. If you do too, order quickly so you’re in the first wave of April deliveries for glorious, fragrant, bee-friendly spikes that last from May to the end of August.

We grow and sell 4 great varieties of English Lavender including; HidcoteMunsteadAlba and Rosea.

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Sunday 31st March. For your own sake forget the last minute garage-bought bunch of floppy flowers. Plant a ravishing rose like Mum in a Million now, tie a ribbon on it on the day and earn yourself a million brownie points. Have a look at our website for inspiration (while stocks last).  Again – you have been warned!!
Order your Roses now ▷
The snow has cleared, the sun is shining and it's time to roll up those sleeves and get your hands dirty with a long list of gardening jobs for March. 

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