May is Lavender Time

Lavender is blue, dilly dilly… well not quite yet, but only because spring has been so cold. However warmer weather is coming and the best time for planting lavender this year will be from the middle of May onwards. There is always a rush for our lavenders (available in three pot sizes this year) so order early to be sure of delivery this month.


Order your Lavender here.

Plant a Social Climber

One of the many joys of climbing plants is that they are extremely sociable. In fact they struggle to survive without company even if it is something as boring as a shed. However the real value of a climber shows when it's grown in company with another host plant. Smaller climbers can be used either to create a mixed flowering effect or to “lengthen “ the period in which the host is attractive. For example, Clematis Polish Spirit is perfect grown through a Magnolia stellata while Niobe will decorate any Viburnum or Weigela. 


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Win a £25 Gift Voucher

There's a joke about social climbers, hosts and gate-crashers in the above section somewhere so email your suggestions to support@ashridgetrees.co.uk and the best one will receive a £25 gift voucher to spend on our website! 

May Jobs in the Garden

After last month's jobs marathon, does May offer a little respite? Well, it's up to you. There's lots you could do, from checking roses for blackspot, to putting straw under developing strawberries and pruning pyracantha, clematis montana and stone fruits. (And we haven't even mentioned mulching with lawn mowings and venturing into the veg patch). Really, though, if you need some respite, we urge you only to tie in new growth on climbers to ensure good health, and give your soft fruit a thorough soaking to help developing fruit in all this dry weather.


Click here for the full list of jobs.

Save a Place for Me!

Yes, really. With spring bulbs still fresh in your mind, and maybe not dead-headed yet, this is the best month to put a few bamboo canes in the ground in places where there were no bulbs this spring and where you would like colour next spring. Mark the spots now and order the bulbs in from next month onwards for delivery in September.

Our Bareroot Sale continues 

There's still time to grab a bargain in our end of season sale! All our remaining bareroot plants are available half price, this includes hedging, fruit trees, garden trees, soft fruit and roses.


Prices on our website have been adjusted to reflect this offer but be quick as the sale expires midnight on Sunday (8/5/16). 

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