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16 November 2012

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No-drop Christmas trees that yule love!

No-drop Nordman fir Christmas tree
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How to prune your fruit tree maidens after planting

How to prune your maiden fruit tree after planting

Once you've carefully and lovingly planted your one-year old fruit tree maiden, clean off the secateurs and prune it straight away to decide what it will be when it grows up... Bush-sized, or half standard, madam?

Video: How to prune your maiden fruit tree


Ashridge Nurseries donates 2,500 plants to local schools

Plant a tree, make air for free

We've donated over 2,500 trees and hedges to schools in the South West, for children to plant in commemoration of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee. Pupils in the project will wear their 'Plant a tree, make air for free' sticker!

2,500 trees and hedges for local schools


Speaking of the Queen's Jubilee...

The Queen Elizabeth rose

The Queen Elizabeth rose demands attention! Vigorous with masses of pure pink, scented flowers on long stems that are perfect for cutting. Better still, Queen Elizabeth is one of the easiest roses to grow.

Take a look at the Queen Elizabeth rose


Help replenish the UK's natural bird habitats

RSPB bird-friendly hedging

5% of every purchase of our bird-friendly hedging mix goes to the RSPB. And if, like us, you're into building and protecting bird habitats, why not register with the RSPB's Homes for Wildlife initiative?

Bird-friendly hedging mix (50 plants) - from £42.00


Update: Further information on ash tree Chalara dieback

Ash tree Chalara dieback disease

Our knowledgable friends at the University of Vienna have provided us with more information and images on ash tree dieback disease. Plus, we also have a video showing its powerful spore release mechanism.

More information on ash tree Chalara dieback


Fruity idea for next year #1: Gooseberries

Why not plant gooseberries for 2013?

Whether it's a robust cooking gooseberry like Invicta, or a sweet-eating dessert gooseberry such as Captivator, growing a bountiful, healthy-cropping plant brings real rewards!

Why not give gooseberry growing a go?


Fruity idea for next year #2: Strawberries

Everbearing buddy strawberry plant

Our selection of strawberry plants gives you plenty of options for growing a perfect punnet. With varieties fruiting from May through to October, this quintessentially British fruit deserves your attention!

Grow your own sweet and stunning strawberries


Recipe: Baked frangipane pears

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Have you got pears to spare? These baked frangipane pears are a lovely alternative (or addition!) to the Christmas pies and pud. And with a lovely glug of warming rum in there too, properly festive.

Baked frangipane pears... mmmm!


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