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Cold snap... sleepy roots... still time to plant!
Cold snap... sleepy roots... still time to plant!
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The cold has extended the planting season - why not browse our bareroot stock?
Buy 5 ornamentals, get 1 FREE
  Buy 5 ornamentals, get 1 FREE
  Be inspired by our range of ornamental trees - and save money by entering the code 6FOR5 at the checkout.

Save up to £40 on beech or sweet chestnut and up to £70 on cherry or weeping pear. Just add 6 ornamental trees to your basket, use the code, and the cheapest is free.

Buy 5 get 1 FREE on ornamental trees
  For the love of lavender!
  Lavender has been a favourite flower for thousands of years - at least back to Egyptian times, probably further.

We're now taking pre-orders for lavender plants, which will be ready for delivery in May (or possibly early June, if this cold weather carries on!).

The story of lavender | Pre-order lavender
Videos: Planting and pruning a cordon fruit tree
  Planting and pruning a cordon fruit tree
  A cordon fruit tree is a fantastic choice if you want to grow fruit against a wall or a frame, or along wires.

It also has the extra benefit of delivering a high yield in very small spaces - and you can have a mix of varieties growing right alongside each other!

How to plant and prune cordon fruit trees
Cider anyone?!
  Cider anyone?!
  Cider has enjoyed a steady resurgence in popularity over the last decade. So much so, that people are now rooting out unusual and vintage brews.

Here's a little potted history of cider, and we've highlighted some important heritage varieties.

The story of cider | Buy cider apple trees
Video: Heeling in bareroot plants in freezing weather
  Heeling in plants in freezing weather
  When the ground is frozen, or likely to be frozen, you shouldn't try to plant your bareroot trees.

'Heeling in' keeps the roots protected from the worst of the frosty weather, and keeps your tree dormant until the weather warms up.

Please note that we can't lift trees from frozen ground either, which may affect our deliveries. Please take a moment to read our cold weather blog.

Watch our video on how to 'heel in'
Recipe: Ultimate fruit and nut crumble
  Recipe: Ultimate fruit and nut crumble
  We've mentioned above that the cold snap is great for planting, as bareroot trees and shrubs will stay dormant. But if you want warming up, try this lovely recipe from The Devilled Egg Kitchen Academy.

Apples, pears, blackberries, hazelnuts, pistachios... and a bit of cinnamon to add warmth to the proceedings!

Ultimate fruit and nut crumble
Buy our hedging mix and 5% goes to the RSPB
  Buy our hedging mix and 5% goes to the RSPB
  5% of every purchase of our bird-friendly hedging mix goes to the RSPB.

And remember hedging doesn't just mean straight lines - get a wild, natural feel by planting in clumps and drifts...

Just £58.00+VAT per pack (bulk discounts available)
Rootgrow: RHS-approved, organic planting fungi
  Rootgrow: RHS-approved planting fungi
  We cannot recommend Rootgrow highly enough. You should use it every time you plant.

Rootgrow is organic fungi that lives symbiotically with plant roots, aiding establishment, improving access to nutrients, and creating better soil structure.

Find out more about friendly fungi!
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