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Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Friendly Fungi From £5.88
Rootgrow, Afterplant Tree & Shrub

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Rootgrow, Afterplant Tree & Shrub Mycorrhizal Fungi Enriched Top Dressing From £6.72
Rootgrow, Bulb Starter

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Rootgrow, Bulb Starter Mycorrhizal Fungi for Bulbs, Corms, Tubers From £3.60
Rootgrow, Ericoid

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Rootgrow, Ericoid Mycorrhizal Fungi for Ericaceous Plants From £6.84
Rootgrow, Mini Meadow

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Rootgrow, Mini Meadow Mini Meadow From £5.94

Rootgrow fungi are so effective that they are "as good as essential" for planting perennial trees and shrubs, and bulbs, especially on poor or depleted soils.

It didn't attain widespread garden use until the 1990's, but now everyone understands that boosting mycorrhizal fungi at planting time is extremely effective.

They form a protective, symbiotic sheath over a plant's delicate feeding roots, which massively increases the availability of many soil nutrients.
You can think of them as a "third party stomach" for roots.

Every packet of Rootgrow comes with dosage instructions.

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What are mycorrhizal fungi?

How to make your rootgrow go further:

The recommended amounts on the packet are for best results, and using more than that will not help.

However, if you are on a budget, the "minimum effective dose" you can get away with and still see real results is around 10-20% of the recommended dose on the packet, depending on the type of roots you are working with.

Especially with tough native hedging planted in fertile, light soil (where the root systems, with their fungi, will join up along the row quickly), you get away with using a lower dose: it is better to give every hedge plant less than give some none if you are running low.

Still, we really do recommend using the correct dose (but not more) for fruiting plants, prized or expensive ornamental specimens, or if your soil was very poor and you improved it by digging a lot of well rotted organic material.

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