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"Arrived in fantastic condition"

Hi there I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the trees/hedging you delivered to me a while ago. Despite being sent in the midst of a big freeze, all the trees have done really well and are showing bud as we speak! The packaging was superb, they all arrived in fantastic condition and seem more than settled in their new home. I have passed on your catalogue to my parents who I hope will place an order soon! Many thanks again.

Lisa Firth, London

"Super Plants"

This was my first venture into buying plants from an online garden centre and I could not be happier. The site was easy to use, and when I had questions I got knowledgeable replies from people who clearly were experts. My plants arrived when they were supposed to, were well packed and in great condition. I am now happily watching videos on what to do on the Ashridge site - so much easier than reading a book. Thanks very much indeed.

Richard Hunt, Leeds

Gardening is a British addiction. Ashridge Nurseries doesn't have a cure, but we can ease the pain...

Ashridge Nurseries is an online garden centre trusted by over 100,000 UK British gardeners to supply Hand-Picked Top Quality Plants. Here is Why...

  • We're truly expert at packing your plants for SAFE delivery - you benefit from our 15 point checklist to ensure your plants and trees are delivered in the best condition.
  • You get both a delivery and a plant GUARANTEE - for your peace of mind. You can exchange any plant or tree damaged during delivery or that dies in the first 12 month after planting.
  • Every order you place is reviewed for suitability in YOUR area - The well-being of your plants and trees is the most important thing so we won't let you buy a plant that isn't suitable for your garden.
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