Pyracantha Hedging and Shrubs

Pyracantha Plants - in Variety

Pyracantha has fierce thorns which is why it also called Firethorn, hidden behind clouds of white flowers in spring, masses of berries in autumn and winter and neat evergreen foliage all year. Pyracantha grows almost anywhere and in any position and clips very well so is especially effective in hedges which are designed to keep intruders out. As such they form a valuable part of our range of hedging plants for sale.

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  1. Pyracantha Golden Charmer - Potted

    Pyracantha Golden Charmer - Potted

    From £3.54
    Pyracantha Golden Charmer

    Out of Stock

  2. Pyracantha Orange Glow - Potted

    Pyracantha Orange Glow - Potted

    From £4.58
    Clouds of white blossom followed by orange berries. Thorny, evergreen and shade tolerant.

    Out of Stock

  3. Red Pyrancatha Plant & Berries

    Pyracantha Red Column - Potted

    From £6.25
    Pyracantha Red Column

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