YoungWilders Hedgerow Project

No one likes a pedantic so-and-so who points out that planting country hedgerows, which are a feature exclusively of landscapes managed by mankind (mostly farmers) is by definition not a re-wilding project, it’s really a re-ruraling project. I, naturally, would never do that, any more than I would sulk over age precluding me from joining… Continue reading YoungWilders Hedgerow Project

Choosing and planting potted hedging

Container-grown hedging plants are perfect for planting all year round. Generally speaking, hedging is put in the ground over winter, using young bareroot plants when they are dormant. However, some circumstances call for a more instant, mature hedge – which is where container-grown (or potted) hedging plants play their part. Why choose potted hedging? Among… Continue reading Choosing and planting potted hedging

Freezing weather & bareroot plants

Most of the damage caused to bareroot plants in cold, freezing conditions is to the delicate roots themselves. The roots are fine, fibrous structures with a high water content: moving them, or even the slightest touch whilst frozen, can cause damage. Almost all of a shrub or a tree’s energy reserves are stored in the… Continue reading Freezing weather & bareroot plants

Hedging – Plants with Feet of Clay

It is all hedging at this time of year…. These yew hedge planting pointers apply equally to almost all other hedging plants as well, certainly anything that needs a well drained soil. You can dig a trench to plant your hedging if the ground is well drained. You can improve the soil as much as… Continue reading Hedging – Plants with Feet of Clay

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