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Plants per Metre in a Single Row Hedge
Hedge Plant Advice

Plants Per Metre In A Single Row Hedge

Spacing a Single Row Hedge at 3 Plants per Metre The most common spacing for a garden hedge is at 33cm: ...
Plants per Metre in a Double Row Hedge
Hedge Plant Advice

Plants Per Metre In A Double Row Hedge

Spacing a Staggered Double Row Hedge at 6 Plants per Metre For your country hedge to qualify for the&nbs...
How to Prepare Soil for Planting Trees, Shrubs & Hedges
Fruit Tree Advice

How To Prepare Soil For Planting Trees, Shrubs & Hedges

This article is primarily about preparing soil before planting trees (ornamental or fruiting), hedging, roses,...
Best Rose Varieties for Shady Gardens
Rose Advice

Best Rose Varieties For Shady Gardens

All roses flower best with plenty of sunlight: that is true for the majority of ornamental plants. However, t...
Best Plants for Low Hedges
Hedge Plant Advice

Best Plants For Low Hedges

The Best Plants for Small Hedges Low Ornamental & Border Hedges Plants  Low hedging is roughly...
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