Before You Contact Us


Some frequently asked questions (and answers)


When will my order arrive?
Deliveries are dependent on season (there is no point receiving certain plants at the wrong time of year: they won't survive!) and weather (especially in winter, when freezing conditions prevent us from moving bareroot stock).
When you place your order, you will get a rough idea of delivery in the order confirmation.
You will be updated as your order progresses through our system, culminating in an emailed confirmation of despatch.



Do I need to be in to sign for the delivery?



If I order in advance, when do you take the money from my card?
Your card is only charged when we begin to pack your order, not when you place the order.



I have never planted bareroot plants and trees. What do I do?
We have some really good videos for you:



Do you have any top tips for successful planting?
Here are our top three:


  1. Always use Rootgrow "friendly fungi" whether you are planting potted or barerooted stock.
  2. Keep the area immediately around your new plants free of all weeds and grass for at least 2 years after planting.
  3. Last, and most important: water your plants very thoroughly during dry weather in their first 2 years. 
    Especially, don't let them dry out in the months of March-August of their first year. It is better to water very well a couple of times a week than it is to water a little every day, because this will both penetrate the soil to a good depth, and encourage the new roots to travel downwards.

Can I visit your nursery?
Generally, no. In order to keep our overheads low, we are closed to the public and do not have staff (or insurance!) to welcome visitors. You can only buy from us online.

If you have placed your order, you can arrange to collect it by appointment only on Fridays 10am-4pm.


Please use the contact us form if you have any further questions and thank you for your loyal custom - it is very much appreciated.