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We grow and supply a wide variety of hedge plants, ideal for a range of uses; from deciduous and evergreen barriers, through to formal settings and stock-proof native hedges. You can buy bareroot hedging - cheap, easy to handle and plant and delivered during winter and spring when hedge plants are dormant. This is how the overwhelming majority of hedging in the UK is planted every year. However, we can also supply container grown hedge plants either where bareroot is unsuitable or for planting outside the winter season.

As with everything we sell, your hedging is covered by our no quibble guarantee, which means you can order with complete confidence. So why not have a look at our full range of hedging below?

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Which hedging should I choose ?

The most economical hedging plants on sale here are our ready mixed packs but if you prefer a single species hedge you can also buy discounted packs of Hornbeam, Beech and Hawthorn in larger sizes. Smaller sized plants are sold singly with quantity discounts as you order more.

Size is often an issue. There are times when buying larger hedge plants is necessary - for instant impact, or perhaps to fill gaps in an existing hedge. However, as a rule, we always advise you to buy the smallest plants you can. The smaller the plant, the denser the hedge you should get in the end, although the wait is longer.

Whatever hedge you choose to plant is likely to be with you for many years to come. Yew will literally last 1,000 years. Weak, weedy or diseased plants struggle to establish and cause more trouble in the long run than strong, healthy high-quality stock. So - wherever you buy - choose a UK supplier that grows well, lifts regularly, has proper cold-store facilities and that guarantees your order through the growing season following planting.

How to plant and maintain hedging

Hedging can be very versatile, from providing privacy and structure to your garden through to becoming a focal point in and of itself. It can offer protection from the elements while simultaneously providing an ideal habitat for wildlife. And, what's more, hedging can be both cheap and easy to plant.

Planting a hedge depends on the specific type of plant you're using; evergreen hedges such as Yew can be planted from early Autumn onwards, while deciduous plants such as Beech and Hawthorn should wait until a little later. However, whatever your choice, it will always involve planning your hedge in advance, spacing correctly and watering well - particularly during the first couple of years of growth. Read our hedge plant advice for specific guidance on planting, pruning and caring for particular varieties of hedging. If you prefer the moving image, then our 5-minute videos on planting country hedges and how to plant a formal hedge should answer most of your questions.

But if you just cannot wait, the most important things to remember are that, while books have been written on the subject, what a new hedge needs most once it has been planted is water in dry weather and protection from weeds and vermin.

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