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Dwarf Daffodil, February Gold

In Stock

Dwarf Daffodil, February Gold Narcissus cyclamineus 'February Gold' From £7.98
Allium, Aflatunense

Out of Stock

Allium, Aflatunense Allium hollandicum 'Aflatunense' From £8.94
Allium, christophii

Out of Stock

Allium, christophii Allium christophii From £8.94
Allium, Nigrum

Out of Stock

Allium, Nigrum Allium hollandicum 'Nigrum' From £8.94
Allium, Purple Sensation

Out of Stock

Allium, Purple Sensation Allium hollandicum 'Purple Sensation' From £8.94
Allium, Sicilian Honey Garlic

Out of Stock

Allium, Sicilian Honey Garlic Allium/Nectaroscordum siculum From £8.94
Anemone, Wood

Out of Stock

Anemone, Wood Anemone nemorosa From £11.94
Bluebell, Common English

Out of Stock

Bluebell, Common English Hyacinthoides non-scripta From £13.99
Crocus, Flower Record

Out of Stock

Crocus, Flower Record Crocus vernus 'Flower Record' From £7.98
Crocus, Joan of Arc

Out of Stock

Crocus, Joan of Arc Crocus vernus 'Joan of Arc' From £7.98
Crocus, Pickwick

Out of Stock

Crocus, Pickwick Crocus vernus 'Pickwick' From £7.98
Crocus, Remembrance

Out of Stock

Crocus, Remembrance Crocus vernus 'Remembrance' From £8.94
Crocus, tommasinianus

Out of Stock

Crocus, tommasinianus Crocus tommasinianus From £10.98
Crocus, Tricolor

Out of Stock

Crocus, Tricolor Crocus sieberi 'Tricolor' From £11.94
Crocus, Yellow Mammoth

Out of Stock

Crocus, Yellow Mammoth Crocus vernus 'Yellow Mammoth' From £8.94
Daffodil Mix, Exotic

Out of Stock

Daffodil Mix, Exotic Narcissus Mix Five Varieties From £19.98

Flower bulbs are low maintenance, adding loads of blooming colour to your borders, containers, woodland, orchard, or around the base of hedging and trees at times of the year when there is little else to see; early spring flowering bulbs are also great for bees.

If you planted a hedge or group of trees during the last couple of years, now is a great time to add a spread of bulbs to light them up at the base all Spring! 

Our mail-order bulbs are all Premium Size, which is what distinguishes them from the cheaper bulbs in the shops. 
Bigger bulbs produce more and better flowers because they contain more stored energy, it's that simple! 

For strong establishment and the best flowering, especially in rockeries & poor soils, we recommend using Bulb Starter Rootgrow friendly fungi (universal Rootgrow is fine too).

Bulbs are much hardier than Dahlia tubers, but of course they look wonderful arranged together.

Read our Bulb Planting Guide for more tips.


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Bulbs are all about bright flowers at or near ground level in those off seasons of winter and spring when there isn't much other colour in the garden. Perfect for filling in gaps next to paths or along the base of hedgerows, their shallow roots are generally well adapted to pots, and many bulbs are ideal for rockeries

Use taller narcissi and daffodils where there is long grass, and dwarf daffodils, snowdrops, and crocuses where it is short.

Bluebells do best under deciduous trees or beside hedging that casts enough shadow to stop grass growing entirely. For the shadiest sites, like a woodland or the north facing foot of a hedge, use bluebellscyclamens and especially snowdrops for wet sites. 

Tulips naturalise well, but are probably at their best, along with alliums, in borders and containers.

Make your dry bulb planting plan early, in about May, when your memory of the bare patches in borders and woodland areas are still fresh.
Mark where you want to see your different varieties of bulbs when they are actually in flower, perhaps with labelled bamboo canes.
When planting time comes in Autumn, you will be able to see right where you want your cyclamen, even though other plants are growing over that spot at that time of the year.

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