Guarantee Terms


As with any product covered by a guarantee, the plants you buy from us need to be treated properly: planted promptly, in accordance with our instructions, in a suitable location and appropriate soil.

Once planted, they must be watered and kept weed free, at least for their first year of life.

Subject to the above and the exclusions below, we provide a 12-month refund guarantee on all naturally long-lived and hardy plants you buy and plant on the UK mainland.

In general, we guarantee all of our bareroot plants, and our non-evergreen potted plants that are delivered during winter (when they have no leaves). 

The guarantee does not apply to these groups of plants:

• With a life expectancy of less than 24 months (e.g. annual bedding plants and vegetables).

• Any bulbs or Dahlia tubers.

• Any potted or root balled evergreen plants.

• Any hedging delivered in troughs.

Furthermore, the guarantee does not apply to any plants that are:

• Bought at an end-of-season sale.

• Delivered as plugs.

• Given to or used by third parties.

• Replacements.

• Potted and despatched from 1st April - 31st October.

If you think you have a claim

If you bought the plant barerooted, please wait until the first week of July before taking pictures and claiming, as newly planted stock can be slow to come into leaf.

1. Take several good-quality pictures of the dead plant from different angles, both close-up and from a little distance away, to include the surroundings.

2. Tell us using the Contact Us form and let us have the following: 

- A description of the problem

- The order reference number

- Images of the plant

3. After we agree to the claim, you can choose between the following:

- a refund for the original cost of the guaranteed plant/s, or

- a voucher for our website worth the value of the refund plus 10%, e.g. if the refund value is £100, we would offer you a voucher for £110 to use on your next order with us. 

Other Terms & conditions

  • We reserve the right to refuse a refund for any reason, especially lack of care.

  • Ashridge Gift Certificates and delivery charges are not covered. 

  • Refund vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.