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Cornus sanguinea Midwinter Fire - 30 - 40cms Saplings Vibrant red & orange young stems. Ornamental shrub & hedging.Max. Height: 2m Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Apr
From £5.76
Only £3.46
Size sold: 40-175 cm Hedge: 1m to very tall Soil: dislikes poor drainage Use: Formal/Native Single Row: 3/m Colour: green/brown Great to add structure RHS AGM
From £5.40
Only £3.24
Pyrus 'Concorde' Pear Trees Eating - soft & melting. Self Fertile. Pollination group C. Crops in September. Stores well. Bareroot Delivery: Nov-March.
From £28.95
Only £14.95
Quercus cerris 6/8 & 8/10 Standard Trees European. Fastest growing oak. Other Sizes: Bareroot Saplings. Max. Height: 35m Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Apr.
From £59.88
Only £29.94
Quercus robur 30 - 175cms Saplings The native British Oak. Most soils. Great for wildlife. Not suitable for hedging. Other Sizes: Larger Standard Trees. Max. Height: 30m
From £2.28
Only £1.68
Taxus baccata- 80 - 160 cms Rootballed TreesNative evergreen. V. hardy. Any well drained soil, any locationOther Sizes: Smaller Bareroot & Pot-Grown PlantsPerfect for
From £28.75
Only £17.10
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