Is It Too Late for Lavender? June 2023 Edition

It’s June, it’s 2023, that means one thing: Lavender, and above all, is it too late to plant it, now that I can see it flowering everywhere? Let’s get to the point promptly without prevaricating past this paragraph’s pre-penultimate punctuation mark: you absolutely can plant Lavender when it is flowering in June, and really all… Continue reading Is It Too Late for Lavender? June 2023 Edition

Silver Leaved Plants

Silver and white shimmer at Sissinghurst

Why Silver Foliage is a Winning Formula in Your Garden There’s nothing second rate about silver in the garden, whatever the season. In winter that sparkly foliage chimes spectacularly with frost and sub-zero temperatures, creating scenes of dazzling dynamism. In summer, bright sunlight glances off silver leaves, cooling and providing a shimmering foil to the… Continue reading Silver Leaved Plants

Lavender and Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

Lavender and Vanilla Ice Cream

Lavender is such a lovely, colourful plant. Easy to grow and great for bees, it also has a beautiful flavour to suit sweet and savoury recipes. This lavender and vanilla ice cream has soothing, subtle flavours, perfect for a summer’s day. The best flowers for culinary use are from the Lavandula angustifolia varieties, known as… Continue reading Lavender and Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

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