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Cosmos, Daydream

In Stock

Cosmos, Daydream Cosmea bipinnatus Daydream From £2.95
Cosmos, Dazzler

In Stock

Cosmos, Dazzler Cosmea bipinnatus Dazzler From £1.85
Cosmos, Double Click Cranberries

In Stock

Cosmos, Double Click Cranberries Cosmea bipinnatus Double Click Cranberries From £3.85
Cosmos, Double Click Rose Bon Bon

In Stock

Cosmos, Double Click Rose Bon Bon Cosmea bipinnatus Double Click Rose Bon Bon From £3.85
Cosmos, Double Click Snow Puff

In Stock

Cosmos, Double Click Snow Puff Cosmea bipinnatus Double Click Snow Puff From £3.85
Cosmos, Fizzy Rose Picotee

In Stock

Cosmos, Fizzy Rose Picotee Cosmea bipinnatus Fizzy Rose Picotee From £3.85
Cosmos, Sensation Purity

In Stock

Cosmos, Sensation Purity Cosmea bipinnatus Sensation Purity From £2.35
Cosmos, Velouette

In Stock

Cosmos, Velouette Cosmea bipinnatus Velouette From £3.85
Sweet Pea, Erewhon

In Stock

Sweet Pea, Erewhon Lathyrus odoratus Erewhon From £2.45
Sweet Pea, Heathcliff

In Stock

Sweet Pea, Heathcliff Lathyrus odoratus Heathcliff From £2.45
Sweet Pea, Kings High Scent

In Stock

Sweet Pea, Kings High Scent Lathyrus odoratus 'Kings High Scent' From £2.45
Sweet Pea, Matucana

In Stock

Sweet Pea, Matucana Lathyrus odoratus 'Matucana' From £2.45
A Dianthus Collection

Out of Stock

A Dianthus Collection Dianthus Varieties, Chosen by Us From £11.94
Autumn Bedding Mix

Out of Stock

Autumn Bedding Mix Autumn Bedding Mix From £15.96
Cosmos, A Cottage Garden Collection

Out of Stock

Cosmos, A Cottage Garden Collection Mix of 2 or More Varieties From £9.96
Cosmos, Antiquity

Out of Stock

Cosmos, Antiquity Cosmea bipinnatus Antiquity From £2.50

Bedding plants are generally interplanted with long-lasting Perennials, but are either short-lived or else too tender to survive our winters. 
They are fast-growing and ideal for covering your borders with flowers, or packing into containers and hanging baskets. 
There is some overlap in practical use between annual or biennial plants, frost-tender perennials, and tubers like Dahlias that are typically lifted at the end of each season: in general, the plants in this section are meant to be treated as annual bedding (i.e. thrown on the compost after they flower), even if they are technically perennials, unless otherwise stated.  

Sowing a tablespoon's worth of seeds and raising them into a heaving flower basket is great fun, and if you have not tried it, then give it a go!

But germinating your own seeds does take up a lot of space, attention, and time.
Buying "ready-made" seedlings gets you the right number of the best quality plants, delivered right when you want to plant them, all ready to start flowering within a matter of days: just add water!  

Please note that mail order annual plants are not covered by our guarantee, because they are annuals or biennials that are supposed to last less than a year after you receive them. Some live longer than that, like perennial wallflowers, but they should still be replaced every few years.


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What are bedding plants?

Bedding is a garden design category including all sorts of short-lived ornamentals, meant to be thrown on the compost after they flower.
They are usually planted around perennials, bulbs and shrubs in borders to fill space, covering bare soil and packing in as many flowers as possible!

• Some are annuals and biennials that look good for one season.
• Others are tender perennials that won't survive winter.
 Spring / Summer bedding is planted out in Spring before it fully blooms, after the frosts.
 Autumn / Winter bedding is planted out in Autumn and to flower whenever temperatures allow, or in early spring. 

Some of the most famous bedding plants are Cosmos, Violas, Pansies, Wallflowers and Nemesias. Sweet peas are versatile annual climbers that are often deployed on wigwams of bamboo canes, adding height and volume.

Grow them in flower beds, trailing out of hanging baskets, or in patio pots – anywhere you can keep them watered. 

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