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These wooden stakes or bamboo canes both help to keep new trees and hedging upright, and act as a support for plastic guards for trees, or protective spirals for hedging.
Bulb baskets save time in general, and are so handy for moving bulbs around a new garden as it develops year to year.

One of the big questions we get is "do I have to use supports and guards on my new tree or hedge?"

  • If you live in a city with no deer or rabbits at all, you should not need tree guards or protective spirals for hedging. However, they do protect your plants from strimmers & mowers. 
  • If you are planting sapling trees and hedging under 1 metre tall, or maiden fruit trees, you can get away without any support if your location is reasonably sheltered from wind. Standard size trees should always be staked for their first couple of years (after which it is important to remove the stake). 

After watering, the next most important thing is to stop weeds and grass from growing around your new trees and hedging, and both fabric and organic mulch help a lot with that.