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Ivy & Hedera Climbing Plants

Ivy for sale

Hedera, or Ivies, come in a huge variety of forms and colours and are excellent for covering large expanses of wall, covering sheds and tree stumps and for ground cover. They are generally very hardy plants and as they can grow in deep shade the variegated forms, such as Goldheart or Gloire de Marengo can be used to light up dark corners or to provide a backdrop for interesting shrubs and herbaceous plants. This makes Ivy one of the most useful climbing plants available to the gardener. Usually, words such as dark, dry, shady or north-facing cause a wrinkle of worry as most climbing plants hate such conditions. Ivy however positively thrives where others fade away. It is truly as tough as old boots, it is self-supporting and it is evergreen. Perfect for covering unsightly vertical surfaces in difficult positions, ivy is an essential part of our range of climbing plants

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  1. Hedera helix
    • Pot-Grown Plants
    • Evergreen. Any soil with decent drainage.
    • Hardy, tolerates shade.
    • Ideal climber for a fence. Suitable for large pots.
    • Max. Height: 10m
    • Potted Delivery Only: Year round
    From £2.64  Inc VAT

  2. Ivy - Hedera helix 'Glacier'

    • Evergreen, small grey/green leaves
    • Good in sun or partial shade
    • Self supporting
    • Fast growing to 2.5m
    • RHS Award of Garden Merit
    From £5.94  Inc VAT

  3. Ivy - Hedera helix 'Goldheart'
    • Evergreen, dark-green and yellow leaves
    • Good in sun or partial shade
    • Self supporting
    • Fast growing to 4m
    • Great for birds and insects
    • Fully hardy
    From £10.80  Inc VAT

  4. Ivy Gloire de Marengo
    • Evergreen, glossy cream/green leaves
    • Good in sun or dense shade
    • Self supporting
    • Fast growing to 2.5m – 4m
    • RHS Award of Garden Merit
    From £5.94  Inc VAT

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