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This is the place to buy special occasion rose bushes, and bay trees are one of the most popular presents to give to anyone with a garden or patio for good reason: they are low maintenance, look stylish anywhere, and provide bay leaves for the kitchen. And if your loved one already has roses and bay trees coming out of their ears, then gift certificates are always a wise choice.

So, go on, tell us whom you want it sent to (just enter their address as the shipping address), tell us when you want it sent and what you want us to put in the (beautifully) handwritten card. We'll take it from there.

Our normal requirements with regard to free P&P order sizes apply, which are over £60 for roses and over £240 for bay trees.
Our practically no-objections guarantee policy terms are likewise the same: to extend your guarantee on most plants from 1 to 5 years, subscribe to our newsletter.

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