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The humble apple tree is more widely planted by UK gardeners than any other fruit variety.

Selected varieties are available pot grown year round, both as normal trees or as dwarf patio trees

  • Uses: Eating, cooking, juicing and cider apple production
  • Good Points: Huge variety of tree, shape, blossom, cropping time
  • Position: Grow almost anywhere below 600 feet above sea level, where there is drainage and light

Dwarf Apple Trees

There are two kinds of dwarf tree, both of which are suitable for large pots.  

  1. Those that you, the owner, prune and train to restrict their growth, such as cordons and espaliers. You make them from maidens (1-year-old trees), which could also be grown into a normal-sized tree if you let them.
  2. Those that are "naturally" small due to the specialist grafting techniques and restrictive rootstocks we used to propagate them in the nursery. 
    They are known as patio, mini, or dwarf fruit trees. Even without pruning, they will never become a normal-sized tree.

Buying Apple Trees

For most gardens, it makes sense to start with a bush or half-standard, where available. 
Remember that if you want espaliers, cordons or stepovers you will need to start with a maiden (selected varieties are available as ready-made cordons).

Barerooted trees are only delivered between November and the end of March, the winter planting season.

All our mail order fruit trees come with Free Returns, and our Replacement Guarantee for bareroot stock, so you can give them a whirl with complete confidence.
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