Saturn Apple (Malus domestica Saturn) 1Saturn Apple (Malus domestica Saturn) 1

Saturn Apple Trees

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The details

  • Eating: Firm Sweet but not sugary
  • Spur bearer
  • Self fertile.
  • Pollinator
  • Pollination Group C.
  • Harvesting: Mid October.
  • Stores: Less than 4 weeks
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Malus domestica Saturn - Mid Season

Saturn is a fairly new breed of eating apple. The fruit are mostly deep red, with a yellow tinge to the flesh. They have a firm bite, though not quite crisp, and great flavour - sweet, but not sugary. This is a good apple for juicing and the tree is a heavy cropper.

Saturn was bred to be disease resistant, suitable for organic growing. It has proved to be very resistant to mildew, although there are reports that it isn't resistant enough to scab to be a reliable choice for the organic grower in scab-prone areas.

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  • Eating.
  • Self Fertile.
  • Pollination Group
  • Spur Bearer: suitable for cordons & training on wires.
  • Harvest: Early October.

Pollination Partners for Saturn:

Saturn is reliably self fertile, but will make the best crops when pollinated.
Your trees are in pollination Group C.
This means that they will cross-pollinate with other apple trees in pollination Groups B, C and D.

See our Guide to Apple Tree Pollination for a full list of partners & more tips about pollination (it's really simple, we promise!).

Apple Tree Rootstocks:
Saturn Maidens & Standards are grown on "MM106" rootstocks. These are suitable for espaliers and free standing trees.
Our Saturn Cordons are grown on dwarfing "M9" rootstocks.
Our Saturn Bush shaped apple trees are grown on "M26" rootstocks. These are free standing trees with short trunks. Their final height is about 3 metres.

Growing Saturn Apple Trees:
Rich soil is important - dig in plenty of good manure and compost before planting.
Soil drainage must be good, although apple trees do like clay soil.
The more sun your trees get, the better your crops will be.

Did You Know?

Saturn was introduced in 1997 by the East Malling Research Station. It was crossed from a variety bred for disease resistance (labelled PRI 1235) and a Starkspur Golden Delicious, which is a sport of the world-famous Golden Delicious.