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Concorde Pear Tree

In Stock

Concorde Pear Tree Pyrus communis 'Concorde' From £44.99
Pear, Beth

In Stock

Pear, Beth Pyrus communis Beth From £32.99
Pear, Beurre Hardy

In Stock

Pear, Beurre Hardy Pyrus communis Beurre Hardy From £22.99
Pear, Comice

In Stock

Pear, Comice Pyrus communis Doyenne du Comice From £22.99
Pear, Common

In Stock

Pear, Common Pyrus communis From £2.46
Pear, Concorde

In Stock

Pear, Concorde Pyrus communis Concorde From £22.99
Pear, Conference

In Stock

Pear, Conference Pyrus communis Conference From £22.99
Pear, Conference (Gift)

In Stock

Pear, Conference (Gift) Pyrus communis 'Conference' From £54.99
Pear, Glou Morceau

In Stock

Pear, Glou Morceau Pyrus communis Glou Morceau From £22.99
Pear, Hellens Early (Perry)

In Stock

Pear, Hellens Early (Perry) Pyrus communis Hellens Early From £22.99
Pear, Invincible

In Stock

Pear, Invincible Pyrus communis Invincible From £22.99
Pear, Louise Bonne of Jersey

In Stock

Pear, Louise Bonne of Jersey Pyrus communis Louise Bonne of Jersey From £22.99
Pear, Onward

In Stock

Pear, Onward Pyrus communis Onward From £22.99
Pear, Rootstocks

In Stock

Pear, Rootstocks Pyrus communis Rootstock Quince A From £3.24
Pear, Sensation

In Stock

Pear, Sensation Pyrus communis Sensation From £19.50
Pear, Williams Bon Chretien

In Stock

Pear, Williams Bon Chretien Pyrus communis 'Williams Bon Chretien' From £22.99

Pear trees grow wonderfully well in the UK, as they love moisture in summer, cold winters, and thrive in clay soils. 
A lusciously sweet and melt-in-your mouth-juicy dessert pear has few equals when perfectly ripe, and cooking pears used to be a humble staple of British sweet and savoury dishes: in our house, they still are! 

Buying Pear Trees

Barerooted pear trees are delivered between November and the end of March, the winter planting season.
Selected varieties are available pot grown year round, both as normal trees or as dwarf patio trees

Your pear trees are delivered by mail order direct from our nursery, along with expert advice, friendly support, plus our Replacement Guarantee and Free Returns, so you can give them a whirl with complete confidence.

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Pear trees are easy to establish in your garden and are a great asset. They do well positioned in a sunny spot in the ground or a pot.

Which Pear Tree Variety Should I Choose?

Dessert pears are a little more demanding of sun and shelter than apples, while cooking pears generally tolerate partial shade well. 

In the North and Scotland, most dessert pears are best grown against South facing walls to guarantee a great crop every year, otherwise an overcast summer may give disappointing results. 
Williams bon Chretien is an exception: highly recommended for colder regions, and it can even make some fruit on a North facing wall.

The most reliable dessert pears for the home grower are Onward and Louise Bonne of Jersey, which have better disease resistance and lower requirements than the great classics like Comice, Concorde, or Conference - not that you should be put off growing those, but if you can only have one tree then it pays to have a sure bet.  

We sell two pears intended for making perry, or pear cider, Brandy and Cannock.
They pollinate each other, and crop close enough together that you can combine the two for a superior beverage.

The finest cooking pear is undoubtedly Gieser Wildeman, which we only sell in a Mini Patio form.
Invincible and Winter Nellis are both excellent dual-purpose pears: mainly used for cooking, but quite serviceable as eaters later in the season after some time ripening off the tree.

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