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Fruit trees are cheap, healthy, easy to handle and fun. All of ours are grown here in the UK and are covered by our 12-month guarantee. They all have strong root systems that establish rapidly. You can buy them in two forms, bareroot, for delivery in winter and container grown for summertime planting. Most are sold in a range of sizes so you can find something here to fit almost any garden. We carefully select virus-free rootstocks and budwood (from our stock plants) before grafting, which is highly skilled work and so we are proud of the quality we produce. All our trees are available as one year old maidens (a maiden tree is the basic "building block" from which all fruit shapes are produced). You can also find many of our varieties as ready pruned two year old fruit trees as well; generally as bushes and/or half-standards but those that are suitable are also grown as cordons.

All our fruit is VAT Free.

  •    Over 160 varieties grown and sold
  •    12 month guarantee on all fruit trees
  •    Grafted and Grown in the UK

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Which fruit trees should I choose ?

When buying fruit trees there are three golden rules. Choose varieties that will grow well in your soil and local conditions (talk to your neighbours). Second, choose rootstocks and shapes where the final size fits the space you have (look at our advice pages). Third, remember that fruit straight from the tree never tastes the same as the irradiated, cold-stored and sanitised stuff sold in supermarkets.

Also, it pays to remember that all fruit trees need pollination and, almost without exception, they carry heavier crops when cross-pollinated by a different but compatible variety. Have a look at our pollination checker if you are unsure.

How to plant and maintain fruit trees

<p>When it comes planting, growing and maintenance, the basic principles apply. Plant your fruit trees in well-prepared holes, using a good planting mix, a solid good stake and a strong tie. Water them regularly and prune with sharp tools to remove dead, diseased, damaged and crossing branches. Practise good hygiene removing leaf litter and fallen fruit and keeping weeds at bay. Protect your fruit trees from pests and diseases. And then eat the fruit. </p><p>Plant bare-rooted trees during winter and spring and container-grown the rest of the year. Simple really, but just in case here are some advice pages to help you...</p>

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