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What is so good about bareroot fruit trees?  

The majority of fruit trees in the UK are planted bareroot, but for many new gardeners, the idea of buying a plant with no soil around its roots feels wrong: how can they survive transit without a pot?

The secret is that they are sleeping (dormant) in winter, and during their brief time out of the field we store them in chilled, humid conditions that keep them nice and moist.
Then we wrap them up well and send them to you by next day delivery.

Outside the winter bareroot planting season (November to March), you can buy from a select range of the most popular fruit trees grown in pots.

Fruit trees and soft fruit bushes are cheap in the long run, easy to care for, and after a bit of patience, fun to harvest.
Fruit from your garden always tastes better than the irradiated, cold-stored stuff sold in supermarkets!

  • Grown on the best soils for each group, developing strong root systems that will establish rapidly.
  • Virus-free rootstocks & scion or budwood

Fruit trees and bushes are zero rated for VAT.

All our mail-order bareroot fruit trees come with our Replacement Guarantee, so you can give them a whirl with complete confidence.
Best advice & friendly support throughout.

To add colour to a new orchard while you wait for it to become productive, a cheerful range of garden bulbs between your trees is a sure bet.