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Strawberries need sun; plenty of other soft fruit can do well enough in the shade, but not these beauties. At the absolute minimum, they need 6 hours per day of spring and summer sun, but 10 is better.
The most shade-tolerant strawberries are alpine types with small fruit like Leo Alba, which are more of a novelty than a real producer.

It is common to grow strawberries through plastic mulch mats with a grid of holes burned through them; burning the holes makes their edges fairly strong and durable, whereas cutting them leaves the edges of the holes frayed and quite weak, reducing the useful lifespan of the sheet. 

Remember that strawberry plants all look pretty similar, and they clone themselves prolifically using runners that can easily travel a metre or two away from the mother plant.
If you plant different varieties in rows next to each other, they will try to mix themselves up unless you stay on top of tidying them, therefore keeping different strawberry cultivars in well separated beds or rows is easiest.

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