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Rose bushes are some of the most popular garden plants there are. They are among the most beautifully scented and sumptuous looking garden flowers, blooming from late May into winter.

Roses are versatile as specimens in the border, shrub roses can make a rugged hedge; floribunda roses are made to admire in groups, hybrid tea roses are essential for cut flowers, and the smaller varieties are good for growing in pots.
To cover a wall or trellis tidily, a climbing rose is the best choice, and a huge rambling rose is the way to swallow up a garden shed or a garage.

If you need a really thorny rose hedge for security and livestock, then these wild hedging roses are the prickliest, toughest and best value, especially when grown with another hedging plant like hawthorn.  

All roses are available bareroot for winter delivery and planting between November and March/April. 

range of garden bulbs is a classic combination to add interest around the base of rose bushes and cover up their legs a bit in spring. 

Bareroot roses are better than pot grown plants. They are easier to carry and plant, usually need much less watering in their first year, should quickly outgrow a potted version, and cost less, so overall much better value. Roses are enormously tough and transplant reliably.

When they are in stock, our potgrown roses can be ordered after the bareroot season ends in March-April.

We produce high quality roses, using the best rootstocks; almost all roses are grafted, which requires skill and delicacy. This works well close to 100% of the time, and if you get a rare rose that fails at the graft site, or for any other reason, remember our no Hassle Guarantee.

Free delivery on orders over £60. Best advice & friendly support throughout. 

Our roses are raised in heavy clay on a well drained location, which their roots love.

You can browse all our varieties of rose bush in one list here.

  •    UK Grown to A-Grade Standard
  •    Huge Range of David Austin Roses
  •    Over 300 Varieties

The Perfect Place to Pick your Roses

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Choosing Roses

It is easy to get carried away and buy so many individually superb roses that you end up with a bit of a lacklustre patchwork quilt in your garden. When choosing bush roses for any kind of mass planting, our advice is to use the same variety in groups of three, and to stick to a narrow palette of two or three colours.
Climbing and rambling roses are a different story: they tend to be planted singly, so choose according to eventual size when growing on a wall, fence or into a tree, in whatever colour you prefer. Think about colour co-ordination more when you are growing mixed climbing roses on arches or pergolas. David Austin roses, of which we have a large selection, have got very much better in terms of disease resistance while the shrub roses are just about bomb-proof. So much to enjoy!  All the roses we sell are A Grade (which is the best). 

How to Plant Roses & Their Aftercare

The answer lies in the soil. Preparation is everything: a rose bush should live for 30-40 years, so a little time spent on preparing the soil before planting is a good investment. Dig a square planting hole that is comfortably wide enough to spread the roots out, so they do not touch the sides, but not so deep that the graft union is buried. Wet the roots, and then sprinkle them with Rootgrow. Improve the soil that you removed by adding about 25% well-rotted compost/manure before returning it to the hole. Don't plant your roses too deep. Water well immediately, and all through their first spring and summer. Thereafter, deadhead, prune according to the type of rose (lots of advice on this), rake up and burn leaves and prunings and mulch in spring with well-rotted compost.

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