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Rootgrow Mini Meadow

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Wildflower Seeds + Mycorrhizae
  • "Instant" meadow to encourage pollinating insects
  • 17 Wildflower Species
  • Contains Rootgrow for fast establishment
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Rootgrow Mini Meadow

Empathy Mini Meadow from Rootgrow is a meadow seed pack especially designed for bees and other pollinators including butterflies. The mix contains Rootgrow for rapid and deep root establishment and there are enough meadow seeds to treat 3 sq. metres or one circle of 2 metres in diameter or four circles of 1 metre in diameter.

A Mini Meadow pack contains seeds from a wide range of UK native wildflowers including poppy, oxeye daisy, cornflower and many others, all of which are specifically chosen to attract bees and butterflies. This mix is ideal for sowing in areas such as the strips between fruit trees, or on ground near beehives but it should not be sowed in the soil immediately around newly planted trees or other shrubs as the meadow mix will compete for moisture needed by your trees.... it is of course perfectly fine to sow it around established trees and shrubs, but do remember that like all meadow flowers, these need sunlight.

Meadow seeds should be sown in Spring between late February and mid April and in Autumn in September and October. Full instructions are on the pack.

RHS Approved

This is the first and currently the only plant or soil treatment to be licensed by The Royal Horticultural Society.

Contains a selection from: Yarrow, Corn Cockle, Cornflower, Common Knapweed, Foxglove, Viper’s Bugloss, Lady’s Bedstraw, Corn Marigold, Oxeye Daisey, Field Forget-me-not, Common Poppy, Selfheal, Meadow Buttercup, Red Campion, White Campion, Salad Burnet, Great Mullein