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A Whiter Shade of Pale - Hybrid Tea

In Stock

A Whiter Shade of Pale - Hybrid Tea Rosa A Whiter Shade of Pale From £10.98
Alecs Red - Hybrid Tea

In Stock

Alecs Red - Hybrid Tea Rosa Alecs Red From £44.99
Aphrodite - Hybrid Tea

In Stock

Aphrodite - Hybrid Tea Rosa Aphrodite From £10.98
Birthday Boy - Hybrid Tea

In Stock

Birthday Boy - Hybrid Tea Rosa Birthday Boy From £10.98
Black Baccara - Hybrid Tea

In Stock

Black Baccara - Hybrid Tea Rosa Black Baccara From £10.98
Blessings - Hybrid Tea

In Stock

Blessings - Hybrid Tea Rosa 'Blessings' From £10.98
Buxom Beauty - Hybrid Tea

In Stock

Buxom Beauty - Hybrid Tea Rosa Buxom Beauty From £10.98
Chicago Peace - Hybrid Tea

In Stock

Chicago Peace - Hybrid Tea Rosa Chicago Peace From £10.98
Deep Secret - Hybrid Tea

In Stock

Deep Secret - Hybrid Tea Rosa Deep Secret From £10.98
Diamond Jubilee - Hybrid Tea

In Stock

Diamond Jubilee - Hybrid Tea Rosa Diamond Jubilee From £10.98
Dutch Gold - Hybrid Tea

In Stock

Dutch Gold - Hybrid Tea Rosa Dutch Gold From £10.98
Fragrant Cloud - Hybrid Tea

In Stock

Fragrant Cloud - Hybrid Tea Rosa Fragrant Cloud From £10.98
Freedom - Hybrid Tea

In Stock

Freedom - Hybrid Tea Rosa Freedom From £10.98
Golden Jubilee - Hybrid Tea

In Stock

Golden Jubilee - Hybrid Tea Rosa Golden Jubilee From £10.98
Grandpa Dickson - Hybrid Tea

In Stock

Grandpa Dickson - Hybrid Tea Rosa Grandpa Dickson From £10.98
Ingrid Bergman - Hybrid Tea

In Stock

Ingrid Bergman - Hybrid Tea Rosa Ingrid Bergman From £10.98

Buy UK Grown, Bareroot & Potted Hybrid Tea Rose Bushes

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Order Your Favourite Hybrid Tea Rose Varieties Today for Bareroot Winter Planting

When you imagine perfectly formed, scrolled flowers, one bloom per long, straight stem, you have a hybrid tea in mind. 

They have more fragrance than floribunda roses, and their flowers are larger and more complex, perfect for cutting.
Shrub roses, which include all the old varieties, tend to be bigger, thornier, and have a wide range of flower shapes. 

The "unofficially official" birthdate of modern rose bushes is that of the first hybrid tea's: 1867, when 'La France' was named by Jean-Baptiste André Guillot (1827-1893).
The parent groups of old roses are Hybrid Perpetuals, which are profuse and repeat flowering, and Tea Roses, which mainly provide height and influence the flower shape. 

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Pot grown stock uses peat free compost wherever possible.
Bareroot roses are grown on heavy clay in a well drained site (heaven for rose roots) and lifted to order. 

All our mail order rose bushes come with Free Returns, and our Replacement Guarantee for bareroot stock, so you can give them a whirl with complete confidence.
Best advice & friendly support throughout.


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Which Hybrid Tea Rose Varieties Should I Choose?

Some of the best shorter Hybrid Tea Rose varieties to under 80cm, well suited to growing near the front of the border, are:

Some of the best taller Hybrid Tea Rose to over 1 metre, well suited to growing near the back of the border, are:

Hybrid Tea roses in general are not shade-tolerant, but these two are the least worst for shady gardens:

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