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Absolutely Fabulous - Floribunda

In Stock

Absolutely Fabulous - Floribunda Rosa Absolutely Fabulous From £10.98
Amber Queen - Floribunda

In Stock

Amber Queen - Floribunda Rosa Amber Queen From £10.98
Arthur Bell - Floribunda

In Stock

Arthur Bell - Floribunda Rosa Arthur Bell From £10.98
Belle de Jour - Floribunda

In Stock

Belle de Jour - Floribunda Rosa Belle de Jour From £10.98
Birthday Girl - Floribunda

In Stock

Birthday Girl - Floribunda Rosa Birthday Girl From £10.98
Burgundy Ice - Floribunda

In Stock

Burgundy Ice - Floribunda Rosa Burgundy Ice From £10.98
Champagne Moment - Floribunda

In Stock

Champagne Moment - Floribunda Rosa Champagne Moment From £10.98
Chinatown - Floribunda

In Stock

Chinatown - Floribunda Rosa Chinatown From £10.98
Crazy for You - Floribunda

In Stock

Crazy for You - Floribunda Rosa Crazy for You From £10.98
English Miss - Floribunda

In Stock

English Miss - Floribunda Rosa English Miss From £10.98
Fascination - Floribunda

In Stock

Fascination - Floribunda Rosa Fascination From £10.98
Fragrant Delight - Floribunda

In Stock

Fragrant Delight - Floribunda Rosa Fragrant Delight From £10.98
Glenfiddich - Floribunda

In Stock

Glenfiddich - Floribunda Rosa Glenfiddich From £10.98
Golden Beauty - Floribunda

In Stock

Golden Beauty - Floribunda Rosa Golden Beauty From £10.98
Golden Smiles - Floribunda

In Stock

Golden Smiles - Floribunda Rosa Golden Smiles From £10.98
Grandma's Rose - Floribunda

In Stock

Grandma's Rose - Floribunda Rosa Grandma's Rose From £19.99

Floribundas are Modern bush roses that mass produce their flowers in clusters of three to six per stem.
They erupt into a sheet of colour in June and flower almost without taking a breath until October. 

They range between patio sizes around 60cm tall, and a hedge-worthy 2m, so they can be used to plump up most parts of a border. 

Floribundas are mostly intended to be enjoyed on the bush: it is not that they are bad cut flowers, but other roses like Hybrid Teas are so much better! 

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Floribunda ("flowering-freely") rose breeding began around the turn of the century by crossing hybrid teas, which have one flower per stem, with polyantha roses, which have clusters. 

Generally speaking, Floribundas are most impressive in the garden, and Hybrid Teas make the best cutting flowers for your vases.

Which Floribunda Roses Should I Choose?

The best small floribunda roses (under one metre) for the front of the border and for growing in pots are:

  1. English Miss (Pale Pink)
  2. Moment in Time (Red)
  3. Fascination (Mid Pink)
  4. Many Happy Returns (Pale Pink - White)
  5. Iceberg - bush form (White)

The best tall floribunda roses (over one metre) for the middle or back of the border and for planting as ornamental hedges are:

  1. Arthur Bell (Yellow)
  2. L'Aimant (Pink)
  3. Absolutely Fabulous (Yellow)
  4. Margaret Merril (White)
  5. Champagne Moment (White)
  6. Hot Chocolate (Deep Red)

The name Floribunda was coined in 1930 by Dr. J.N. Nicolas of Jackson & Perkins in the USA; if you have been learning about growing roses via YouTube videos for more than about five minutes, you will know of Jackson & Perkins through their vivacious presenter, rosarian Paul Zimmerman (if you haven't heard of him yet, you have now!).

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