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English Miss Floribunda Rose Bushes

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The details

  • Size: 90cm x 90cm (3ft x 3ft)
  • Colour: blush pink
  • Shape: Camellia shaped fully double
  • Scent: Spicy
  • Flowering: From June to first frosts
  • Group: Floribunda rose
  • Foliage: Dark green with purple tinge
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English Miss Roses

English Miss is a pretty little floribunda rose with soft blush to coral, double camellia-shaped blooms carried in profusion from June to October. The edges of the petals are a darker pink, and the roses open to show prominent yellow stamens, then fade to near-white as they age. It is free flowering with a lovely sweet scent that has notes of spice. The large, wide and tight clusters are shown off brilliantly by the dark green, heavily purple shaded foliage with its high resistance to blackspot, mildew and rust. 

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Growing English Miss Roses

This type of bush rose is at her best grown in groups of 3 or 5 for a massed effect in borders, or as an edging / low ornamental hedge rose. Being fairly short, she withstands wind really well, and although she does like sun in order to flower well, she is a good choice for cold locations.

Several customers have had a similar experience with her during her first year or two of growth: she sulks in the spring, with some foliage yellowing, and then recovers well by summer. This doesn't happen to everyone, and will stop in the second or third year without any special attention, so don't apply any extra fertiliser.  


  • Size: 90cm x 90cm (3ft x 3ft)
  • Colour: Blush pink with coral pink edges, fading to near white with age
  • Shape of flowers: Delightful camellia-shape, fully double
  • Scent: Strong, delicious, spicy
  • Flowering: Continuous from June to October
  • Group: Floribunda 
  • Foliage: Healthy dark green with strong purple shading.

Did You Know? 

Bred by Roger Pawsey at Cants of Colchester nursery in 1977, he named it for his young daughter, Sally-anne. The parents are Dearest and The Optimist (Sweet Repose). 

Planting Instructions

How to plant English Miss roses

Dig a hole deep enough to allow the graft to finish at soil level when planted and with plenty of room for the roots. Improve the soil from the hole by removing large stones, weeds, roots and other rubbish and mixing in about 25% by volume of well-rotted compost or manure. Wet the roots and sprinkle with Rootgrow so it stays in contact with the roots. If planting a pot grown plant gently loosen some of the roots before planting.

Place English Miss so the roots are spread out and it is set at approximately the same level in the soil as it was before being transplanted. The union should be level with the soil when you have finished planting. Backfill the hole with the planting mix, firming it down as you go. Water in thoroughly. Water again a day or two later and then keep watering in dry spells.