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In practical terms, climbing roses under two metres, and bush roses under about 75cm tall are considered patio size. 
Roses grafted onto a standard stem, being tall but compact, are also well suited to growing on patios, often on either side of a doorway.

The roses in this category are both on the small side, and have roots suited to life in a decent size pot.

A true dwarf or miniature rose is under one foot, about 30cm tall.
The majority of patio roses are bred from miniature roses and floribunda roses.

Pot grown stock uses peat free compost wherever possible.
Bareroot roses are grown on heavy clay in a well drained site (heaven for rose roots) and lifted to order. 

All our mail order rose bushes come with Free Returns, and our Replacement Guarantee for bareroot stock, so you can give them a whirl with complete confidence.
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