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Alibaba - Climbing

In Stock

Alibaba - Climbing Rosa Alibaba From £10.98
Bantry Bay - Climbing

In Stock

Bantry Bay - Climbing Rosa Bantry Bay From £10.98
Cecile Brunner - Climbing

In Stock

Cecile Brunner - Climbing Rosa Cecile Brunner Climber From £10.98
Chris - Climbing

In Stock

Chris - Climbing Rosa Chris From £10.98
Constance Spry (Ausfirst) - Climbing

In Stock

Constance Spry (Ausfirst) - Climbing Rosa 'Constance Spry' From £15.96
Creme de la Creme - Climbing

In Stock

Creme de la Creme - Climbing Rosa Crème de la Crème From £10.98
Crimson Cascade - Climbing

In Stock

Crimson Cascade - Climbing Rosa Crimson Cascade From £10.98
Dancing Queen - Climbing

In Stock

Dancing Queen - Climbing Rosa Dancing Queen From £10.98
Danse du Feu - Climbing

In Stock

Danse du Feu - Climbing Rosa Danse du Feu From £10.98
Dublin Bay - Climbing

In Stock

Dublin Bay - Climbing Rosa Dublin Bay From £10.98
Galway Bay - Climbing

In Stock

Galway Bay - Climbing Rosa Galway Bay From £10.98
Geranium - Shrub

In Stock

Geranium - Shrub Rosa moyesii 'Geranium' From £10.98
Gloire de Dijon - Climbing

In Stock

Gloire de Dijon - Climbing Rosa Gloire de Dijon From £10.98
Gloriana - Climbing

In Stock

Gloriana - Climbing Rosa Gloriana From £10.98
Golden Showers - Climbing

In Stock

Golden Showers - Climbing Rosa Golden Showers From £10.98
Guinee - Climbing

In Stock

Guinee - Climbing Rosa Guinee From £10.98

Climbing roses are your most reliable garden wall hangings, giving you waves of flowers and scent for up to six months.
Against a house, they need sturdy support wires, but with a little guidance at the start, they can also clamber freely along fences or into trees.

Rambling roses have their own listing, although there is some overlap. What's the difference between a rambler and a climber?

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Pot grown stock uses peat free compost wherever possible.
Bareroot roses are grown on heavy clay in a well drained site (heaven for rose roots) and lifted to order. 

All our mail order rose bushes come with Free Returns, and our Replacement Guarantee for bareroot stock, so you can give them a whirl with complete confidence.
Best advice & friendly support throughout.


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The Best Climbing Roses for Shady Sites & North Facing Walls

Few roses will bloom well in truly full, overcast shade, but on a North facing wall with open sky above them, these roses will perform nicely.

In very approximate order of shade tolerance (best to less best):

Gertrude Jekyll (Deep Pink, to 1m – 1.5m) is a tall shrub rose that could serve as a low climber in the shade.

Rambling roses are a different story: being much closer to wild roses in their genes, they generally perform well in less sunny conditions, and with a bit of creative tying-in, they can fulfil about the same role as climbing roses.

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