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Choosing Lavender Plants

All varieties will grow into thick little ornamental hedges, perfect for covering up the base of a rose border. If you live in the sunnier, warmer Southern and Western parts of England and Wales, every variety will thrive without bother... read more

Planting and Caring for Lavender

All lavender loves a dryish, windy place in the sun, and none can stand damp feet. The best time to plant is into warm soil, usually from late April/early May (depending on our ‘characterful’ climate) through to early August.. read more

When should I harvest Lavender for its oil?

The flower heads contain the most oil immediately after their full bloom, when the very first florets begin to wither, but most are still.. read more

A Bit of Lavender History and Lore

Queen Victoria was a lover of lavender scented items, ordering it in everything from wood polish to bath water and laundry soap. This made these products fashionable with the ladies of the day, which led to English lavender.. read more

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