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Hosts of golden daffodils, members of the Narcissus family, are firm favourites in British gardens. Nothing is quite so evocative of the change of seasons as the good old trumpet daffodil, standing tall and lonely at winter's end in clumps of hundreds of colourful nodding heads.

We stock all manner of daff, including miniature and wild bulbs, great for naturalising in lawns or in pots: something for every garden.

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For a great blend of colour, the Exotic Daffodils Mixture, which contains both Pink Pride bulbs and Yellow Cheerfulness bulbs, is a must-see. 
Our bulb packs contain some great mixes; the Naturalising Mix contains seven different daffodils, including the fabulous double flowered Golden Ducat. 

• 1kg packs contain approximately 12 - 20 bulbs
• 5kg packs contain approximately 60 - 100 bulbs
• 10kg packs contain approximately 120 - 200 bulbs

For strong establishment and the best flowering, we recommend using the Bulb Starter Rootgrow blend.

Is There a Difference Between Daffodils and Narcissi?

No. All daffodils are narcissi, in the genus Narcissus. The classic trumpet varieties are most commonly called daffodil or daffadowndilly, and their close relatives, including dwarf daffodils, and those without trumpet shaped flowers, are commonly referred to as narcissi (but also as daffodils). 

Tazetta daffodils are also called paperwhites; they have clusters of flowers on nice sturdy stems, whereas most other (but not all) daffodil varieties have only one flower per stem.

The genus name is from the time that Nemesis led Narcissus, the lad who never loved anyone, to the dark, reflective pool that would never love him in return. When he perished there, a daffodil mercifully grew in his unfortunate place.
However, Pliny the Elder, who wasn't there, opined instead that the name shares the same root as narcotic, which is to do with numbness.  

In the list below, all our Dwarf Daffodils are grouped together at the bottom, when the list is default sorted by product name.  

Please note: Wild daffodil bulbs are small, about half the size of cultivated varieties (even dwarf ones): this is natural, so don't be surprised! 

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