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Home-grown Blueberries are some of the best value soft fruit crops, because the sad specimens in the supermarkets have a top shelf price with a bargain bucket flavour!
Blueberries are not meant to travel: they should either be eaten fresh off the branch, or preserved immediately. 

Blueberry plants are easy to grow with one condition: they need acidic soil to thrive, so if your soil is alkaline, it is easiest to grow them in containers or raised beds with plenty of ericaceous compost.
Although several varieties will make some fruit by themselves, none of them are truly self-fertile in our opinion, and thus need a pollination partner nearby to crop at their full potential. 

Remember not to feed them with general purpose fertilizer: they need plant food that is designed for acidic soil loving plants, which includes the Rhododendron family. 
Likewise, they need special ericoid rootgrow.

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