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Climbing Plants

Climbing plants for sale here include clematis, honeysuckle, hydrangea, ivy, jasmine, vines, virginia creeper and wisteria. Climbers are an essential part of the traditional "English landscape garden", clothing walls, scrambling into trees, hiding unsightly features and adding another dimension to any planting scheme. All climbing plants are a haven for wildlife and... More...

bring butterflies and bees into the garden as well as being a great addition to a smaller garden as they take up a small amount of ground space.

We sell many varieties of Wisteria, Honeysuckle, Clematis, Ivies, and Jasmine, and a collection of other climbers.


Everybody will be familiar with the glorious abundant flowering of Wisteria sinensis, its heady scent and magnificent late spring blooms seen scrambling up walls of many a National Trust property, such as Nymans and Sissinghurst. It is a quintessential part of the English Landscape garden although it was only introduced to this country in 1816.

It is easy to grow and keep in check with simple pruning procedures. There are many hybrid varieties to choose from with purple, blue or white flowers of differing lengths. Grow it on any wall or pergola that can provide enough support for the strong growth - preferably where the scent can be best appreciated on a warm spring day.

Lonicera - Honeysuckle

Modern honeysuckles are redolent of a country cottage garden and the romantic vision that conjures up. They come with a wide range of flower colour from palest lemon yellow to scarlet and most will flower continuously for most of the summer months. With just a few exceptions, they are heavily and sweetly scented and much loved by pollinators, particularly honey and bumble bees.

The more vigorous varieties are best grown over pergolas and arches or against walls with strong supports. There are, however, less vigorous growers for smaller gardens. The are best grown alone as they will compete with clematis and roses for space.


Clematis has to be the largest group of climbers with a vast number of varieties in all colours, sizes, habit and flowering times. In a large garden there can be a clematis in flower 10 months of the year. There is a clematis for every space, however large or small; some of the large flowered varieties will even grow happily in a planter.

They associate well with climbing roses, will scramble into large shrubs and the Montanas will quickly cover a wall or shed giving a spectacular display in spring. Most have very delicate or no scent but they more than make up for this with spectacular floral displays, as you can see in the lovely image of 'Piilu' - a fantastic early large flowering variety providing stunning blowsy pink blooms.

Hedera - Ivy

Hederas, or Ivies, come in a huge variety of form and colour and are excellent for covering large expanses of wall, covering sheds and tree stumps and for ground cover. We stock three types of Ivy: the classic Hereda helix Goldheart; the RHS Award winning Hedera helix Glacier ; and Gloire de Marengo.

Ivies are generally very hardy plants and will grow in quite heavy shade and so the variegated forms, such as Goldheart or Gloire de Marengo can be used to light up dark corners or to provide a backdrop for interesting shrubs and herbaceous plants.


We can supply three varieties of Jasmine: Jasminum officinale with fragrant white flowers in summer and strong twining growth; Jasminum stephanense (seen to the right) which has fragrant pink flowers; Jasminum nudiflorum which has yellow flowers on bare stems in winter.

The summer flowering jasmines are best grown on a sheltered wall somewhere the scent can be best enjoyed. The winter flowered variety has no scent but is perfect in a spot where it can light up dark winter days with its superb little yellow flowers and arching mid green stems.

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