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Summer flowering Jasmines are the most fragrant climbers in town! Grow one under your bedroom window and drift off to the sweetest scent, or over bowers and pergolas where you can sit and enjoy it on a summer's afternoon.

Winter flowering Jasmine has little scent, but lights up dark days with its profuse little yellow flowers and arching mid green stems.

Trachelospermum species are not really Jasmines, but everyone calls them that because their scent is about the same and their flowers are a similar shape.
They are much happier on a shady North-facing wall than true Jasmines.

All jasmines perform best on a sheltered wall in sun or light shade.

The name Jasmine or Yasmin is Persian, and there's barely a perfume sold that does not have some element of it, so it is grown all over the world, especially India, Morocco and Spain.
Out of the more than 200 species of jasmine, a smaller group is preferred by the industry - Channel, for example, has huge fields all of Jasminum grandiflorum in Grasse, France. 

Jessamine is the old-fashioned spelling: 

Nine drops of water bead the jessamine,
And nine-and-ninety smear the stones and tiles:
— 'Twas not so in that August — full-rayed, fine —
When we lived out-of-doors, sang songs, strode miles.

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