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Snowdrops are the Heralds of Spring™ , flowering very early in the year when winter is still in effect.
Their delicacy and toughness lifts the heart, rewarding both those who exit the warmth of the kitchen hearth, and those who wisely plant them right outside the hearth window.

Snowdrops grow in any fertile soil and love dampness beside water.
They are in leaf before any deciduous tree, and they thrive underneath them.
Around evergreen trees, you can choose patches where the sun reaches the soil in winter. 

When you divide your swelling snowdrop clumps after they flower, remember to re-plant them at the same depth as they were before, unlike the bulbs in the green (which are delivered in Spring only), which should be planted slightly deeper.

Wherever you buy your bulbs, do find a supplier with farmed snowdrop stock, not someone who has nicked them from the countryside! 

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For strong establishment and the best flowering, we recommend using the Bulb Starter Rootgrow blend.

Your bulbs are delivered by mail order direct from our nursery, along with expert advice and friendly support.

See our handy bulb planting guide for the best flowering results.