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Ajuga, Black Scallop

In Stock

Ajuga, Black Scallop Ajuga reptans Black Scallop From £5.26
Delphinium, Moonbeam

In Stock

Delphinium, Moonbeam Delphinium Moonbeam From £16.00
Echinacea, Satisfy

In Stock

Echinacea, Satisfy Echinacea Mooodz Satisfy From £14.98
Geranium, Rozanne

In Stock

Geranium, Rozanne Geranium hybridum Rozanne From £10.99
Grass, Intense Blue Fescue

In Stock

Grass, Intense Blue Fescue Festuca glauca 'Intense Blue' From £6.96
Heuchera, Forever Purple

In Stock

Heuchera, Forever Purple Heuchera Forever Purple From £12.96
Heuchera, Marmalade

In Stock

Heuchera, Marmalade Heuchera 'Marmalade' From £12.96
Heuchera, Wild Rose

In Stock

Heuchera, Wild Rose Heuchera Wild Rose From £12.96
Hosta, Patriot

In Stock

Hosta, Patriot Hosta Patriot From £11.99
Rudbeckia fulgida deamii

In Stock

Rudbeckia fulgida deamii Rudbeckia fulgida var. deamii From £11.99
Salvia, Caradonna Pink Inspiration

In Stock

Salvia, Caradonna Pink Inspiration Salvia nemorosa Caradonna Pink Inspiration From £9.96
Achillea, Cloth of Gold

Out of Stock

Achillea, Cloth of Gold Achillea filipendulina 'Cloth of Gold' From £5.28
Achillea, Salmon Beauty

Out of Stock

Achillea, Salmon Beauty Achillea millefolium Salmon Beauty From £5.28
Achillea, Saucy Seduction

Out of Stock

Achillea, Saucy Seduction Achillea millefolium Saucy Seduction From £5.28
Achillea, Walther Funcke

Out of Stock

Achillea, Walther Funcke Achillea Walther Funcke From £5.28
Alchemilla mollis

Out of Stock

Alchemilla mollis Alchemilla mollis From £5.28

Most perennials are grown for their flowers, some for their foliage, but they are all hard-working plants that fill your borders & patio containers with colour and texture.
Most are hardy, but some appreciate the protection of hay or mulch to insulate them in winter: the hardiest perennials are generally smaller alpine plants, which are best for rockeries. Perennials mostly flower in spring and summer, some in early autumn, attracting all your local bees and butterflies.

We grow tried and tested favourites, and new varieties. Our top quality, disease-free plants are grown in pots that are increasingly recyclable, and we use peat-free compost whenever possible. 

All our mail order perennial plants come with our Guarantee, so you can give them a whirl with complete confidence.
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What are perennial plants?

Strictly speaking, a perennial is any plant that lives for more than two years, so trees and shrubs are all woody perennials.

But in common garden usage, perennial refers to herbaceous (non-woody) plants, which produce new stems every Spring; these stems flower the same year and then die back to the ground in Winter, sometimes remaining in place for interest until you trim them off the following Spring.
The cycle is repeated annually, and the plant has a life expectancy of never less than three years (typically much longer), otherwise they are an annual or biennial flower (commonly called bedding, which usually completes its life cycle all in one year, and is thrown away after flowering). 
Evergreen perennials are also non-woody, but they are always in leaf, and only their flower stalks die back each year.

They are usually planted around bedding and shrubs in borders, but they have a place in all garden designs big or small, and most of them look beautiful in large pots.

Remember that ferns, dahlias and bulbs are all types of herbaceous perennials, and can all be packed into one gorgeous border. 

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