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The parent Heuchera species of the ornamental varieties that we grow are known as Coral Bells and Alumroot. The varieties in our range are grown primarily for their foliage, which is glossy, textured, and comes in a range of colours from purple-black to lime green.

Their long flowers stalks are not too showy, but can be used to good effect in a mixed border as a backdrop or contrast for other plants, or cut for your vases.

Heuchera are almost evergreen, but often lose their leaves in late winter in colder regions or harsh winters - either way, trim last year's foliage off the whole plant in early Spring for the best display of glorious new leaves.  

They are shade-tolerant and established plants are drought hardy, but they dislike extremes of soil pH and won't perform well on chalk, limestone, or acidic soils. 

They were named by after the Viennese born botanist Johann H. von Heucher (1677–1747), who founded the Wittenburg Botanical Garden in Eastern Germany. He was a Doctor of Medicine at a time when botany and herbalism were frequently studied by medical students, and Heuchera root has been tested as a treatment for various diseases.

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